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Configuration APIs

Use these configuration resources to configure and build all necessary features required to get started with NewStore Omnichannel Cloud as a platform. For example, you can use these APIs to configure using NewStore Associate App when offline or to set up payment strategies .

For more information, see the configuration guides or the API portal.


This section only contains information about the configuration APIs in the NewStore platform. For the remaining REST APIs that can be used for integration with the NewStore platform, see the API Explorer .

These tables specify the configuration APIs required to configure a specific business context in the platform.

Order management

DC configurationSpecify the configuration of an external OMS integration with NewStore, and order configurations such as:
  • Order ID sequence parameters
  • Order grace period
  • Locations from which orders can be canceled
  • Limit on items or SKUs that a large order can contain, before it is determined as too large an order and placed on hold. External order webhooks
External OMS ATP configurationRetrieve ATP information from an external order management system via this webhook configuration.
External OMS and sales ordersManage warehouse integrations with NewStore, and manage API keys and URLS for DCs.
Order status notificationsManage notification options for order related events, which include:order_pending and order_cancelled.
Shipment notificationsManage notification options for shipment related events, such as :shipment_delayed or shipment_delivered.
NewStore Omnichannel Manager configurationsManage order management configurations such as release toggles in NewStore Omnichannel Manager and order tracking and exports in the platform.
Stock configurationSpecify the time after which reservationsfor orders expire in the platform.

Shipping and delivery

Shipping optionsSpecify shipping options such as split order configurations and managing provider rates in the platform.
Order routingManage order routing configurations such as automatic routing, retrieving ATP information from an external OMS and managing shipment limits for orders.

Inventory management and store operations

Stock on hand configurationManage configurations related to adjustment reasons, cycle counts, and stock on hand for your business. Use this resource to also manage inventory configurations that include:
  • Over-receiving against an ASN
  • Creating cycle counts after a mispick or mispack
  • Configuring documents to print during an inventory transaction
  • Limits for items that each inventory transaction can contain in your business
Inventory configurationConfigure how NewStore Fulfillment App manages inventory in your business, including inventory transactions such as receiving or transfers via NewStore Fulfillment App.
In-store pickup configurationManage the in-store pickup configuration set up for your business globally and for specific stores.

Store fulfillment

Package optionsSpecify the package configurations, such as the width, height, or weight of packages to be used for inventory transactions in stores across your business.


NewStore Checkout configuration APIManage credentials required for NewStore Checkout, such as Apple Pay merchant identity certificates.
Payment configurationManage payment configurations for your business, including:
  • Adyen adapter and the audit history for the adapter
  • Square adapter and the audit history for the adapter
  • Cash drawer configurations
  • Gift card configurations
  • Feature toggles or configurations for payment details in NewStore Omnichannel Manager
  • NewStore Checkout configurations
  • Payment accounts and options
  • PSPconfigurations
Refund requestsManage refunds to customers via NewStore Omnichannel Manager for order items.


Clienteling configurationManage clienteling operations across stores in your business. Use this resource to enable clienteling capabilities in a store, and list the available phone numbers that can be used for clienteling in the store.

Checkout and Promotions

Promotions configurationSpecify which products in your business are excluded from discounts during a promotions campaign.
Checkout configurationManage configurations related to checkout operations in the platform, including:
  • Manager approvals in NewStore Associate App for orders in the store
  • Automatic promotions via NewStore Omnichannel Manager
  • Refund options for orders
  • Accepting imported orders without verifying service levels for such orders
  • Limits on items or SKUs in a large order, before it is determined as too large an order and canceled.
  • Gift wrapping
Tax calculationManage configurations related to integrating Avalara and Vertex as third-party tax calculation providers with the NewStore platform.
Financial communicationsManage the configuration of notifications and financial communications sent out to customers from the NewStore platform.
Avalara license managementManage credentials for Avalara licenses when integrating with the NewStore platform.

NewStore Omnichannel Manager and the NewStore platform

NewStore Omnichannel Manager and email configurationsManage email service configurations and enabling platform features in NewStore Omnichannel Manager.