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Getting started with NewStore APIs

NewStore offers several ways to interact with the platform:

  • REST APIs: Perform CRUD operations with resources in the API Reference page.
  • GraphQL API : Retrieve the information of your choice from NewStore
  • GraphQL API Cloud
  • Webhooks: Allow NewStore Omnichannel Cloud to interact with third-party services.

Integration with NewStore Omnichannel Cloud depends on the third-party services you integrate with but we recommend the following approach:

  1. Authenticate .
  2. Go through the tutorials .
  3. See the Integration guides section for generic information about integrations.

Rate limiting

NewStore Omnichannel Cloud allows 5000 requests per 5 minutes per single IP address.

When this limit is exceeded, the IP is blocked for 5 minutes. Requests from a blocked IP address return a HTTP 403 status code.

The rate limit has been set to provide basic protection for our platform. NewStore reserves the right to take further actions against client applications that repeatedly trigger the block.

If you think your application is blocked by this rate limit, get in touch with your contact point at NewStore.

Technical configuration
The following section involves working with technical configurations and APIs. Contact your IT support team for more information.

This mechanism has a certain delay, so a fast client may get more than 5000 requests through successfully within 5 minutes, before the IP address is blocked.

In case of a rate limit block, the returned HTTP 403 status is the same as if the authentication fails. However, for authentication issues, the response body is in JSON. Also, note that a request without the Authorization header returns an HTTP 401 status code.

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