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Enabling NewStore Associate App to be used offline

NewStore Associate App can be used to process in-store purchases even when the device being used by the associate is offline.


Enabling offline payments has certain risks of card and payment fraud associated with it. See Adyen's recommendations on reducing Risks with offline payments.

To enable this feature you can either use the API or NewStore Omnichannel Manager.

To enable the feature via the API:

Use the Update app configuration method and set capabilities > offline_mode to true.

To enable the feature via NewStore Omnichannel Manager:

Go to Settings > Associate App > General Settings, and in the Capabilities area, select the Offline Mode checkbox.

To enable the Offline Orders tab in NewStore Omnichannel Manager and list all offline orders, see Viewing offline orders .

Opting in for Offline Mode in fiscal countries

Supported from
This feature is supported from Associate App v1.25.0.
Permission required
This action can be performed by users with the Manage Associate App permission.

Only users with the Admin role or the Manage Associate App permission assigned to them can enable this feature for your business. When enabling the feature, they are also required to acknowledge and accept the risk and liability associated with processing offline orders without fiscalization in place.

If required for your business, you can enable the use of Offline Mode in Associate App for specific fiscal countries. When using the app offline, orders are processed similarly to how offline orders are processed in a non-fiscal country.

However, note these exceptions:

  • When the outage is resolved and the app is back online, associates can upload offline orders to the platform, but they are not fiscalized (not digitally signed, stored, or communicated to the respective fiscal providers and tax authorities).
  • VAT or tax information for orders processed when the app was in Offline Mode are not communicated to the tax agencies.
  • Receipts are generated but without a fiscal signature.
  • For countries where hardware fiscal regulations apply, such as Italy or Poland, the fiscal printer does not generate any receipts when the app is in Offline Mode.
  • Orders processed when the app was in Offline Mode are not available in fiscal reports.

Enabling Offline Mode in specific fiscal countries


Only users with the Admin role or the Manage Associate App permission assigned to them can enable this feature for your business.

Fiscal countries where offline mode can be enabled are:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Poland

NewStore does not support Offline Mode for the remaining fiscal countries.


Ensure that you are aware that offline orders are not fiscalized, and ensure that you remain in compliance with the local fiscal regulations when operating in Offline Mode.

To enable Offline Mode support for fiscal countries:

  1. Log into NewStore Omnichannel Manager and go to Settings > Associate App > General Settings.

  2. In the Capabilities area, select the Offline Mode checkbox to enable the feature globally for your business.

  3. Select the checkbox for each fiscal country where offline mode support must be enabled.


    For each fiscal country where you enable Offline Mode support, NewStore displays a disclaimer that lists the risks and liabilities associated with enabling offline support for fiscal countries. You must read and accept these terms before you can start operating via Associate App offline.

    NewStore captures and logs the username and date-time for the user who accepts the liability disclaimer on behalf of the retailer.

    If you disable offline support for a fiscal country, you will need to re-accept the terms when you enable the feature again.

  4. Click Save.

Configuring Adyen payment devices to accept offline payments

To set up Adyen payment devices or terminals to accept offline payments via NewStore Associate App, contact Adyen support and request to enable Standalone Mode for the terminals.


For standalone payments, use supported terminals with a built-in printer, such as:

  • S1F2
  • V210
  • V400c Plus
  • V400m

As a NewStore customer, if you use terminals that do not have a built-in printer, such as the e285, e355, and V400m, request Adyen support to disable receipt printing for these terminals when enabling offline payments.

Enabling offline catalogs

Product validation in offline mode can be enabled to avoid the risk of scanning or entering a wrong UPC or SKU.


If this configuration is enabled, Associate App downloads a compressed version of the catalog after a user logs in. The app downloads the catalog again only when the local catalog is out of date.

To enable this feature:

  1. Use the Update app configuration method.
  2. Set capabilities > offline_mode_catalog_backup to true.

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