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Enable Associates to work in multiple stores

This guide will describe the MultiStore feature, which enables Associates to automatically get assigned to the Store they are currently operating in without the need of a manual reassignment using NOM. The Associate will be assigned to the store during the login process. In order to automate this process, the used device will need to be assigned to a store.

Assigning a device to a store

Follow one of the guides below to assign a device to a store. Assigned devices will automatically change the Store Assignment of the Associate, who uses the device to log into the Associate App.

Set up automatic assignment using a MDM

To set up automatic store assignment for Associates using an MDM application:

  • Follow the steps in this guide to set up the MDM application.
  • Ensure that you have configured storeId as a parameter in your Managed App Configuration .
  • The storeId is the internal identifier of a store entity within the NewStore platform. The storeId can be viewed in NOM > Locations > YOUR_STORE_NAME.

    An example has been displayed here:

  • If a wrong storeId is provided, the associate can still log in, but the automatic store assignment will not work.

Most MDM applications allow programmatically setting up variables to be passed into the Managed App Configuration . For example, Extension attributes can be set in Jamf.

Set up automatic assignment using a QR code

To set up the automatic store assignment using a QR code:

  • Install the application using Testflight or distribute the application using an MDM application without setting up a Managed App Configuration .

  • Bootstrap the installed Associate App versions.

    Create and scan a QR code with this URL or enter the URL in the Safari Browser of your device:


  • Once the application is uninstalled from the device, any information provided during the bootstrap process is also removed.

  • The storeId (and therefore automatic assignment for the associate) will be removed when switching between Test mode and Live mode.