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Configuring printers using the legacy framework

Configure NewStore Associate App to manage the printers that you use in your store during the checkout process.

For more information on what printers are supported by Associate App, see Supported printers .


If you use the new printer management framework in Associate App, see Configuring printers .

Configuring printer types in the legacy framework


When you switch to the new printing framework, you can use any type of printer to print labels and receipt documents. Configuring different printer types is not required.

In the legacy framework, two printer types are available for the retailer to print documents via NewStore Associate App: labelPrinter and documentPrinter.

  • labelPrinter: These printers are usually manufactured by Star Micronics and are used to print receipts and labels. They need to be connected via LAN or WiFi.
  • documentPrinter: These printers are used to print larger documents such as A4 size documents. They need to be connected via AirPrint.

To specify which printer is used for printing each document type, set a printer type that will be used to print documents by default by the app.


You must specify a default printer type for documents to enable associates to use NewStore Associate App.

You can also specify the type of printer that associates will use for each relevant document type. These documents are supported by the app for printing:

  • Sales receipt
  • Exchange receipt
  • Return receipt
  • Invoice
  • Shipping label
  • Packing slip
  • Refund note

To specify the documents for printer types:

  1. Use the Update app configuration method.

  2. In commerce_components > document_printer_types, specify a printer type for the document types that you want to print for your business operations.

    For example, you can specify that a label printer will be used to print sales receipts, shipping labels, and refund notes in your business.

  3. Specify default for every document type that has not been explicitly specified.


You can add multiple printers. If a default printing station is not defined, the app uses the first printer in the list. For more information, see Setting your default printing station .

NewStore recommends the following printing station setup:

  • Receipt printing station

    Located on the sales floor, this printing station should contain only one document printer.

  • Printing station(s) with document, label, and fiscal printers

    Separate printing station(s) named sequentially, for example floor1, floor2. Each of these stations should contain one document printer and one label printer.

    If your store operates in a country where fiscal regulations apply, you can also add a fiscal printer to print documents to comply with fiscalization requirements.

    To enable adding fiscal printers to your store via NewStore Associate App programmatically, see Configuring fiscal documents to print via NewStore Associate App .

Setting up a printer

Set up a printer to be able to print sales receipts:

  1. Tap

    > Configure Printers.

  2. Tap Manage Printers.

  3. Tap Add Printing Station.

  4. Specify a name for the printing station.

  5. Tap your new printing station.

  6. Tap Add Printer and select Document Printer or Label Printer.

    The app scans your network to find AirPrint printers. To learn how to configure your printer, refer to the Apple guide.

  7. Tap the printer.

    The printer is added to the station.

  8. (Optional) For each label printer, configure the paper size:

    1. Tap the label printer.

    2. Tap Paper Size and select the paper size.


      We recommend using 4-inch infinite label paper without black marks. The recommended dimensions are:

      • Width: 111 mm
      • Diameter: 100 mm

You can test your printer by tapping Print Test Page.


You can add multiple printers to the printing station, but the app will only use the first printer in the list.

(Optional) Setting up a fiscal printer

If your store operates in a country where hardware fiscal regulations apply, you will need to set up a fiscal printer to print sales receipts and other order related documents.

To set up a fiscal printer to print sales receipts:

  1. Ensure that the printer is using the same Wi-Fi network as NewStore Associate App.

  2. Tap

    > Configure Printers.

  3. Tap Manage Fiscal Printers.

  4. Tap Add Printing Station.

  5. Specify a name for the printing station.

  6. Tap your new printing station.

  7. Tap Add Printer and specify the following for the fiscal printer:

    • Name: Specify the name of the fiscal printer.

    • Select printer model: From the list of supported fiscal printers supported in your store's location, select the fiscal printer model you want to use.

      For example, if you are operating in Poland, select Posnet Thermal XL2 Online.

    • IP Address: Specify the local IP address of the fiscal printer.


      Specify a static IP address for the fiscal printer. Assigning a dynamic IP address will need the fiscal printer to be reconfigured every time the IP address changes.

    • Port: Specify the port for the fiscal printer.

    If there are issues connecting to the printer, ensure that NewStore Associate App is able to access the configured ports of the printer and try again.

  8. Tap Add.

    The printer is added to the station.


    You can only add 1 fiscal printer to a printing station.

  9. Change the default printing station in your app to the one that contains the fiscal printer. To change the default printing station, see this guide .

You can test your printer by printing a fiscal report. See (Optional) Printing fiscal reports .


When you add an Epson fiscal printer to the NewStore platform, certain printer parameters, such as the VAT and department tables, are configured automatically.

The configuration of VAT tables and departments is only possible if the printer is not in Day Opened state. If the printer is in Day Opened state, the fiscal printer configuration will fail, and Associate App displays a message indicating that a Z-report is required. After a daily Z-report is created, you can add the fiscal printer again, which will successfully configure the VAT and department tables.


Fiscal printers must meet the following conditions before being added to the NewStore platform in test mode:

  • The Epson RT fiscal printers are in training mode.
  • The Posnet Online fiscal printers are not fiscalized.

Ensure that you have a backup fiscal printer in the store, as Associate App will block a sale if it cannot connect to the fiscal printer.

Setting your default printing station

Set up the default printing station for your user account. The sales receipts that you try to print from the phone you're logged into, are sent to this printing station.


The default printing station is set for your user account and it does not change when you log on to the app on a different iPhone. However, when you log on from a different store, sales receipts are sent to the store's default printing station if you don't set a default for your user account.

If you have only one printing station in the store, NewStore Associate App uses it as the default printing station for all associates. The printing job starts immediately when you tap Print Receipt. See Completing the purchase .

To set up a default printer:

  1. Tap
    > Configure Printers. The default printing station for the store is displayed.
  2. Tap the printing station listed as the Default Printing Location.
  3. From the list of printing stations, choose your default station.

When you move to a different section in the store, remember to change your default printing station to save time during a checkout.

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