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We recommend that your store has the following prerequisites in place:

Networks and stable WiFi

  • Ensure that you have separate networks; one dedicated to retail operations and another one for sound and digital signage. We recommend that you not allow guest access to these networks.

  • Ensure that you check network requirements for Adyen. See Adyen's guidelines.

  • The iPhone running the app must be connected to the same network as the document and/or label printer.

  • A bandwidth of more than 4Mbps per app. Note that maximum bandwidth is used for catalog browsing.

  • A round trip latency of less than 500ms, at full bandwidth per app.

  • A backup option if you have problems with your WiFi connectivity. For example, additional backup SIM cards with LTE/4G connectivity if you face Internet or power outages.

  • The wireless access points at your stores are mounted or installed so you have minimal interference from nearby networks within range.

  • Store WiFi with signal strength at:

    • -65dBm (Acceptable) across the whole store.
    • -50dBm (Optimal) for core checkout spaces in the store.

    Test the signal strength against the expected peak number of active apps in the store, at any given time.

Domain names

Ensure that you whitelist these domain names in the respective environments.


NewStore recommends you to use naming conventions such as:

  • <retailer_name>,
  • <retailer_name-staging>, or
  • <retailer_name-sandbox> for your tenant clusters.


  • Required for authentication via Auth0.
  • Required for users to log in with valid credentials.
  • Required for users to log in with valid credentials.
  • Required for tracing operations.
  • <retailer_name> Required for APIs that are used to interact with the NewStore platform.
  • Required for product images used in your business.
  • Required for logging error messages in the platform.
  • Required for analytic purposes.
  • Required for checking if the platform is available.
  • Required for using Adyen payment terminals.
  • Required if the clienteling feature is used via NewStore Associate App.
  • * Required for platform APIs specific to the Associate App.
  • Required for fiscalization checks.
  • Required for fiscalization checks.
  • Required for fiscalization checks.
  • newstore-production-services.s3.* Required for fetching and printing documents.
  • * Required for running iOS apps.
  • Required for the login view.
  • Required for displaying release notes.


This feature is now deprecated since January, 2022.

The Staging cluster is now deprecated. Use the Production cluster instead.

NewStore currently allows testing tenants only on the Production cluster, using the recommended naming conventions for these tenants. For example, name your staging tenant as <retailer_name-staging> in the production cluster.

  • <retailer_name>
  • newstore-staging-services.s3.*
  • *


The document printer(s) must be AirPrint compatible. We recommend default wired connections to your printers. The iPhone running the app must be connected to the same network as the document and/or label printer. For a complete list of AirPrint-compatible printers, see the Apple website.

For more information on printer models that are supported by Associate App, see Supported printers .


For recommended label paper dimensions, See Setting up a printer .


If your store uses bluetooth payment devices from Square that are connected to NewStore Associate App, ensure you enable bluetooth on the smartphone running the app.


Each Square payment device can only be connected to 1 iPhone at a time.

(Optional) TouchID-capable smartphone

Using a TouchID-capable smartphone adds an additional layer of security and allows the user to personalize the device. TouchID can be setup in the settings of your device.


You can add multiple printers. If a default printing station is not defined, the app uses the first printer in the list. Also see Setting your default printing station .

NewStore recommends the following printing station setup:

  • Receipt printing station

    Located on the sales floor, this printing station should contain only one document printer.

  • Document and label printing station(s)

    Separate printing station(s) named sequentially, for example floor1, floor2.

    Each of these stations should contain one document printer and one label printer.

(Optional) Fiscalization information

Supported from
This feature is supported from Associate App v1.3.0 and later.

For stores operating in Sweden, the About screen of the app must display the Sweden software version of NewStore Associate App, for example: NewStore SE 1.0.0. The About screen must also contain the cash register name, production number, and control unit serial number being used in the store.

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