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Using the runner

Runners help you move products in the store if you display only an SKU of a specific product style. You can keep the remaining inventory in the stock room, either due to the brand design, nature of the products, or store layout.

Runners in a retail store are responsible for promptly delivering products to the sales floor as needed, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for customers.



The Runner functionality is supported from Associate App v1.36.0.

You can configure the Runner functionality using the Associate App Configuration API.

To enable the Runner functionality:

  • Set runner_enabled to true in the release_toggles property for the retailer.
  • Also, ensure that it is enabled for each retailer.

Configuring the push notifications for runners

If you want to be notified about the updates on the runner requests, configure the push notification settings before starting to use runners.

  1. Login to NewStore Associate App.

  2. Tap Settings > Notification Settings > Runner Notifications.

    • Enable New Task Submitted to be notified when an associate submits a new task.

    • Enable Task Accepted to be notified when an associate accepts a new task.

    • Enable Task Completed to be notified when your task is marked as complete.

    • Enable Product Exception to be notified when a product is not available.

On this screen, you can enable or disable the runner notifications depending on your role. For example, stockroom associates who run the products to the sales floor after a runner request is created should turn on the notifications for the new tasks submitted. However, the sales associate who submitted the runner request would be interested to receive notifications when the request is accepted or completed, and when a product is unavailable.


The runner push notifications work along with the iOS notification settings and the users will be notified in or outside Associate App based on their device notification configurations.

Using the Runner in Associate App

As a sales associate and a runner, you can manage runner tasks in Associate App.

Adding runner tasks

To add a runner task:

  1. You can scan or type product's identifying code or search the product from the catalog.

  2. You can check the stock on hand and shipping availability.

    • To decide to place an endless aisle order, if there is no stock on hand, or
    • To decide to request the products from the stock room, if there is stock on hand
  3. When there is stock on hand, you can request the product by tapping Add to Runner option on the Product Details page in Associate App. You can also request for multiple products to be added to the runner request.

  4. Tap More or the side menu and go to Runner to see a runner task with the products that you added now.

  5. Add a note, if needed.

  6. Submit the runner task.

Fulfilling runner tasks

To fulfill a runner task:

  1. Access the Runner from the More or side menu on the right. The Runner menu shows the runner tasks in an ascending order with the following information:

    • Name of the sales associate who placed the request
    • Time of the request
    • Status of the request (Pending or In Progress)
  2. A Runner can select a task and tap to view its details. The requested products are listed, displaying:

    • the product images
    • the names of the product
    • the colors and sizes
  3. Tap Accept Task.

  4. If the product is missing, it is marked as unavailable with an icon on the Runner request itself. So the sales associate can identify all products that cannot be found. However, if a user finds the unavailable product, the product can be marked as available.

  5. After locating the products, a Runner can complete the task by tapping Complete Task.