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Setting up bluetooth scanners

You can use an external bluetooth scanner to scan products, receipts, and coupons.

For more information on which Bluetooth barcode scanners are supported by NewStore, see Supported hardware .

Enabling Bluetooth scanning capabilities

  1. Open the app and navigate to Settings > Bluetooth Scanner.

  2. Enable the toggle to use external bluetooth scanner.


A Bluetooth scanner needs to support Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) mode to be discovered and connected to the app. Any other discovery mode is not supported by Associate App.

Also, ensure that your Associate App is authorized to use nearby Bluetooth devices. Verify this setting in your iOS device in Settings > Associate > Bluetooth.

If enabled for your business, associates are able to connect a Bluetooth Scanner to Associate App and use the Bluetooth Scanner and the camera of the device at the same time.

Connecting to a Bluetooth scanner

  1. Open the application and navigate to Settings > Bluetooth Discovery.

  2. Ensure that you set the Bluetooth Scanner into Discovery mode.

  3. Start searching for a bluetooth scanner. When a device is detected, tap and select the device to connect to it.

  4. Open a scanner.

Bluetooth Scanner can be now used to scan any code.

  • Bluetooth Scanner may shut itself down to save battery on the device.

  • When a Bluetooth Scanner is connected to the app, the same scanner can be used again on any scanning screen without having to rediscover and reconnect again.

  • The device camera on the Cart page cannot be used when the Bluetooth scanner is enabled in the settings.