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Using sales attribution for items

Supported from
This feature is supported from Associate App v1.39.0.

The relationship between store associates and customers is one of the many keys to successful retail. Store associates help customers in finding the right product, right size, color, and so on, to make that all important sale. For most retailers, commissions play a critical part of the compensation for store associates, and as such it is critical to have accurate sales data regarding sales for customers.

During the checkout process, the store associate who is processing the transaction can now assign themselves, or other associates who may have worked with the customer, to each item in an order.

  • This feature is not available when the app is offline.

  • Retailers using the custom app extension for commission assignment that would like to use the associate attribution feature will need to update their backend integrations before enabling this feature via an app configuration. This feature writes to new extended attributes that will not be mapped to any prior backend configurations.

To enable this configuration:

  1. Use the Update app configuration method.

  2. Set capabilities > line_item_attribution > to true to enable item attribution to associates.

  3. Validate that Associate App now has a new entry called Assign associate when you tap on an item in the cart.

Viewing sales attribution data

When orders are placed, the data for associate sales attribution is written to the orderItemExtendedAttributes within the API to manage NOM configurations.

These attributes are: associate_Id, associate_Name, and associate_Email, which are added to the extendedAttributes of an item in an order by the platform. As part of the customization option for the Sales Order Export in Omnichannel Manager, these attributes can be added to the exported CSV file and subsequently sent to downstream systems to help you with commission calculations.