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NewStore enables you to keep track of integration and development metrics and logs, such as the Event Stream logs, to be able to identify the status of certain events or errors that have occured in an integration or tenant environment.

Montoring Event Stream logs

You can use the Event Stream Logs to identify the status of a specific event for relevant webhook and S3 integrations with the platform.

Click Tools > Event Stream Logs to display the logs and relevant details for Event Stream events.

The following columns are available:

  • Entity ID: The main identifier for an event. For example, for order related events, the Entity ID is the order ID, and for fulfillment related events such as fulfillment requests, the Entity ID is the fulfillment request ID.
  • Event Name: The name of the Event Stream event.
  • Target: The target where Event Stream is sending the event. Can be either s3 or webhook.
  • Integration ID: The ID of the Event Stream integration with the platform that is consuming the event.
  • Status: The status of the event, which signifies if the event was successfully published or not. Can be either Success or Failure.
  • Attempted At: Time and date in UTC when the attempt was made to publish the event to the integration.

Montoring audit logs

You can use audit logs in Omnichannel Manager to view details of user input or to troubleshoot or inventigate issues caused by a specific user input or user action.

Click Tools > Audit Log to display the logs and relevant details for audit log events.

The following columns are available:

  • Target: The entity ID, such as the ID of a template that was modified in the context of the template domain.
  • Occured on: Time and date in UTC of when an event has occured in the platform.
  • Domain: The internal domain name that is relevant to the incident or event. For example, mobile-platform or twp.
  • Description: The description for the event or incident.

You can also click the Target ID to view the relevant details of the event along with the Payload of the event to investigate further. The screen also displays all the changes made by a user to the specific Target or entity.

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