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Creating discounts and coupons (legacy)

This feature is now deprecated since June 15, 2023.

This legacy method to create and use coupons and coupon definitions is now deprecated with sunsetting planned for June 15, 2023. If you are using legacy coupons, we recommend that you migrate to the new coupons framework soon. See Creating coupons .

Use the Promotions tab to create and manage coupons and discounts. Coupons are used by your customers to redeem discounts on items and orders, or for free shipping. They are based on coupon definitions that are, in turn, based on discounts.

Use the discount name or description to search for discounts.


Automatic promotions are always applied before coupons and manual discounts for an order, when all of them are applicable to an order.

To generate a coupon:

  1. Create a discount
  2. Create a coupon definition for the discount
  3. Create a coupon for the coupon definition

To create an automatic promotion, see Create an automatic promotion `.

Creating a discount

Permission required
This action can be performed by users with the Manage discounts permission.
  1. On the Promotions tab, when in the Discounts tab, click Create.

    The Create Discount view opens.

  2. Give the discount a unique and descriptive name to identify it. For example, Order 15% shoes or $40 on accessories.

  3. Choose the type of discount. You can create discounts for items, orders, and for free shipping.


    When multiple discounts are applied to the same order, discounts for items are applied first followed by discounts for the whole order.

    Based on the type of discount you create, specify the following properties:

    • Item Discounts: discount amount or discount percentage for associated SKUs or categories.

      • A product can have multiple category paths specified in the catalog during a product import <integ-importdata>. When defining item discounts, you can use a category from any of the category paths specified, but it must be the lowest level in the category path. For example, if the category path for a product is specified as Women > Clothing > Shirts, specify Shirts as the category in the discount definition.

      • Categories are case-sensitive. Ensure that you use the exact name of the category as specified during the product catalog import.

    • Order Discounts: discount amount or discount percentage.

    • Free Shipping Discounts: discount amount or discount percentage, and (optional) shipping rates limits.

  4. In the Discount Conditions section, define the conditions when a discount cannot be applied.

  5. Click Create.

You can create as many discounts as you want.

Creating a coupon definition for a discount

Permission required
This action can be performed by users with the Manage coupons permission.
  1. Go to Promotions > Coupon Definitions, and click Create.

  2. Give the coupon definition a unique and descriptive name. For example, Black Friday - order 15% accessories.


    The coupon name is only visible to NewStore Omnichannel Manager users.

  3. (Optional) In the Coupon details section, define the date and time validity of the coupon. The validity period is created in the timezone displayed, and you cannot change the timezone.

  4. Specify the channels across which the coupon can be redeemed.

  5. Type a coupon code pattern, in the Coupon Code(s) section. A coupon pattern is used to create the coupon code that customers use during the checkout process. If you type a code pattern in plain text, for example, Free Shipping Fridays only one code can be created from the pattern. Using a regular expression allows you to create multiple codes from a single pattern. For example, coupon pattern SAVE-[A-Z0-9]{7}, can create 7-character alphanumeric codes prefixed with “SAVE-“ like SAVE-A7AGSE8.

    For more information on regular expression, see Wikipedia.

  6. Set the maximum number of redemptions, if needed. The number you choose sets how many times each coupon generated from this definition can be redeemed.

  7. Choose the discount you want, in the Associated discount section and click Create.

You can now use the coupon definition to create coupons.

Creating a coupon from a coupon definition

Permission required
This action can be performed by users with the Manage coupons permission.
  1. Go to Coupon Definitions. You can search for coupon definitions by coupon label. Additionally, you can sort them by number of uses, coupon label, channel, the associated discount, and the date/time when the coupon definition was created.
  2. Click the coupon definition you want. The details of the definition are displayed.
  3. Click Create.
  4. (Optional) Enter a time validity and click Create. The number of coupon codes you can create for a coupon definition depends on the coupon pattern.
  5. Refresh the page and the coupon appears in the list.

The coupon code is generated automatically based on the pattern you created in the coupon definition.

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