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Managing locations in NewStore


You cannot create or edit a store using NewStore Omnichannel Manager. For help with creating and updating stores in NewStore, contact the support team. Also see stores in the API docs.

The Locations tab displays all the stores in your business. For more information on each column, see Location column descriptions .

Click a store to see the employees in it. To manage user accounts, see Managing users and roles .

Location column descriptions

  • Store Label: The name of the store.
  • Fulfillment Location: The location which fulfills this store's order.
  • Physical Address: The postal address of the store.
  • Manager: The name of the store manager.
  • Active: Indicates the current status of the store.

Currently you cannot sort the store list using the Fulfillment Location and Physical Address columns.

Monitoring stock levels for a location

To display stock levels at a specific location:

  1. Click Catalog > Stock Levels.

    All reservations, allocations, stock, safety stock, ATP quantities are displayed for all products across all locations. Also see Monitoring stock levels .

  2. Click Location header and select a location. The stock level for products at the chosen location is displayed.

Exporting a daily report for a specific location

Permission required
This action can be performed by users with the Export orders permission.
  1. Click Sales in the top menu.

  2. Click the Date/Time header and select yesterday's date and today's date.

  3. Click the Location header and select one location.

  4. Click the Status header and select the statuses you require.

    For example, all orders other than Returned and Partially returned.

  5. Click Export to export the data.

Enabling or disabling a store for order fulfillment

Permission required
This action can be performed by users with the Edit fulfillment availability permission.
  1. Click Locations in the top menu.

  2. Under Store Label, click the store that you want to enable or disable order fulfillment from.

  3. In the store details page, in the left pane, turn on the Accept Fulfillment Orders toggle to enable order fulfillment in the store.

    To disable the store from fulfilling orders, turn the Accept Fulfillment Orders toggle off. Orders routed to the location before it was disabled are fulfilled via the usual process. Use NewStore Associate App to reject these orders if needed.

  • Once a location is disabled from fulfilling orders, ATP for products at the location is reset to 0 within a time span of 12 hours.

    In rare cases, depending on the volume of products for which ATP must be reset, it may take longer than 12 hours.

  • When a location is disabled from fulfilling orders, - is displayed for the respective location in the Fulfillment Location column.

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