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Searching for and filtering orders

Permission required
This action can be performed by users with the View orders permission.

The Orders page displays all orders that have been placed. Each order displays an order ID and all the order details for the orders across the different columns.

The Status column displays status of the order in the workflow and if it needs attention. To search for an order or a customer, use the search box.

Type a partial order ID, a customer name, or a combination of both. For example: enter 1231 Carrier to display all order IDs containing 1231 from customers with carrier in their first or last name. To find all the orders to which a coupon has been applied, search by the coupon code.


When searching for orders, ensure that you enter the complete order ID if your search string exceeds 8 characters. If you use a partial order ID to search for the order, it will only work if the length of search string is less than or equal to 8 characters.

For example, to find an order with ID GD000447079, a search with 0447079 works, as it is less than 8 characters, but searching with 000447079 will not work.

To filter the products in the search results by a column, click the column header. Every header you click is added to the current filter as filter criterion.

Filtering split orders

To filter and display split orders :

  1. Select one or several locations from which the orders might have been fulfilled.

  2. Sort the column alphabetically.

  3. Look for orders showing Multiple in the Location ID column.


    There is no filter for Multiple.