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Managing warehouses


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Use DCs or warehouses that you create in NewStore Omnichannel Manager to fulfill orders in your business, stock inventory, and manage inventory operations such as receiving or adjustments.

For more information on how order routing and fulfillment works, see:

To enable creating warehouses for your business, see Enabling shipping configuration in NewStore Omnichannel Manager .

Creating a warehouse

To create a warehouse for your business:

  1. Inform your integration team when you create warehouses to ensure that they are mapped accurately to any external systems that will use them.

  2. Go to Settings > Shipping, and in the left menu, select Warehouses.

  3. Click Add warehouse.

  4. Provide the fulfillment provider details. NewStore uses these details to send fulfillment requests and receive updates when items are shipped from the warehouse.

    1. In Code, specify a unique code for the warehouse.


      The value you provide in this field must be used as the fulfillment node ID when you import stock <tuto-import-product> for the first time to this warehouse.

    2. In Fulfillment provider URL, specify the URL for the fulfillment provider at the warehouse, where fulfillment requests for orders will be posted.

    3. In API key, specify the API key provided by the fulfillment provider. NewStore uses this API key to authenticate calls made to the fulfillment provider URL.

    4. (Optional) Select the Allow insecure connections checkbox if you want NewStore to use both HTTP and HTTPS requests.

    5. (Optional) In Time zone, specify the time zone that the DC will operate in.

  5. Provide the address and contact details of the warehouse.

  6. Click Save.

The warehouse is now available in NewStore Omnichannel Cloud.


To make the warehouse operational and available to fulfill orders, ensure that you import stock into it. For more information, see this

integration guide or tutorial .

To update the details of a warehouse, see Configuring distribution centers , or contact the support team.

Next Step:

Create a shipping configuration to start fulfilling orders. The first step in this process is to create shipping options for your business.

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