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App updates

Contains information about new versions released for NewStore Associate App and NewStore Fulfillment App. Also contains updates and improvements made to the apps.

NewStore Associate App

Release v1.41.2

Release date: November 19, 2023


This patch release is aimed at retailers who are using tokens for PII data. Retailers not using tokens or PII data do not need to upgrade to this patch release.

Bug fixes

For retailers using PII data, the customer profile is now properly assigned to a placed order when a gift card is used for payments.

Release v1.41.1

Release date: October 24, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Price for gift wrapping is now properly shown during the store fulfillment process.
  • Warranty information is now shown on all orders.

Release v1.41.0

Release date: October 18, 2023

Associate App v1.41.0 contains exciting new features like push notifications and resending email receipts, as well as enhancements like improved sales performance dashboards, which have been redesigned for clearer data visualization and faster load times. There are also several bug fixes to improve the quality of the app and make the overall associate experience more reliable. This release focuses on improving the overall associate experience through faster performance, better UI, and expanded capabilities.

As a reminder, this is the final release before BFCM, so we highly recommend all retailers update to take advantage of the latest features and experience improvements. Updating ensures associates can leverage the new capabilities to provide excellent customer service during the busy shopping season.

New features 🎉

Push notifications

We're excited to announce that the Associate App is now able to receive push notifications. This will improve the store teams' experience and increase their responsiveness.

We've started with covering the cases in the runner experience. It's now possible to receive push notifications for a specific task. For example, the runner in the stockroom and the sales associate on the sales floor can set their notifications and be notified when there are updates.

The functionality works similarly to standard iOS notifications. Runner notifications within the Associate App mirror the user's settings configured in iPhone Settings. Users will receive these notifications both within and outside the Associate App. They can simply tap on the notifications to access the runner request.

Users can set their notification preferences via Settings - Notification Settings. The available NewStore Associate App runner notifications are:

  • New Task Submitted: sent to all users who turned this notification setting on
  • Task Accepted: sent to the sales associate who created the request
  • Task Completed: sent to the sales associate who created the request
  • Product Exception: sent to the sales associate who created the request

Check out the Configuring the push notifications for runners section for the documentation of how to use the feature.

You can turn on the push notification feature for a retailer via the push_notifications property of the Associate App Configuration API.

Resending email receipts

Associates are now able to re-email sales receipts to customers on previous orders. Store associates can access this feature by navigating to a customer's order history and selecting a specific order to then send the sales receipt to the customer's email address. This new feature uses the email address that was used for the original order and will automatically send the sales receipt to that address.


Regardless of the order status, the sales or exchange receipt can only be emailed. Additional receipt types such as return receipts and gift receipts are currently not supported.


Associate App Sales Dashboards

User interface: we have greatly improved the UI of the Associate App Sales Dashboards to improve the associate experience.

Highlights include:

  • Adopting the NewStore Mobile Design System.
  • Condensing the the size of the data cards to allow for more information to be visible on the users screen without scrolling.
  • Removing the subtitles and changing font weights and sizes to ensure that there is more focus on the actual data and less distractions.

Speed ⚡️: with our new method of fetching the data from Insights, we have greatly improved the screen load time.

Line-level attribution 🙋🏼: when using the recently released associate attribution feature, store associates can be assigned to specific line items on an order. This attribution is now reflected in the the Associate App Sales Dashboard, giving them insight into how they are performing throughout the day.

Quick scan - serial number support

The quick scan feature now supports serialized products. When a serialized product is scanned, the associate is prompted to scan the serial number barcode. The product is then immediately added to the cart, improving the efficiency of the process.

Gift receipts for gift cards

With Associate App v1.41.0, the gift card number is now available to be included on the gift receipt template. So when a customer is purchasing a gift card, it can be matched to what is displayed on the receipt.

Bug fixes

  • When using the quick scan in the cart screen, the performance has been improved and no longer results in an app crash.
  • Flashlight of the iPhone now properly turns off if the app is moved to background or the iPhone is locked.
  • Customer assignment on the cart is now preserved when paying with gift card.
  • Managers can now perform self-approvals when processing cash refunds.
  • Cash Returns - The original order number rather than the cart ID is now reflected in the NOM Cash Summary screens.
  • Submitting receiving transactions will no longer create multiple transactions in certain scenarios.
  • The app no longer navigates twice to the Selling section after login.
  • Using the new login flow will no longer show the "Selling" menu option if the configuration is set to hide it.
  • New login: associates cannot login anymore with an expired token after 7 days.
  • Printing on AirPrint on devices using iOS17 will now always print the document as expected.
  • Shipping labels printed on A6 sized paper are no longer cut off on the edges.
  • The Order Details screen now displays the fulfillment type properly.
  • After an order handover, the application brings associates back from the detailed view to the carrier pickup view.
  • Associates can not click the Complete Packing button more than once anymore.
  • Improved error messages in several different situations.
  • The Fulfillment option does not disappear from the drawer menu anymore.

Release v1.40.0

Release date: September 25, 2023

Get ready for the unveiling of Associate App Version 1.40.0! This latest release of the Associate App includes a number of improvements and a handful of bug fixes. This release is a testament to our ongoing effort to refine your app experience, making it a valuable and commendable update.

iOS Support

We're excited to announce that Associate App v1.40.0 now supports iOS 17, Apple's newest mobile operating system. To ensure optimal performance and compatibility, support for iOS 15 will be discontinued with this release. We encourage all retailers to ensure iOS is updated on all devices to a supported version, iOS 16 or 17. As always, we remain committed to supporting the latest iOS versions with timely app updates.

For more information, see NewStore Associate App - iOS compatibility .


Improved bulk printing

The existing bulk printing functionality has been improved with the introduction of the Printing Queue feature. This enhancement ensures every triggered printing job is executed without oversight, making it particularly valuable for store fulfillment with its high document volume and corresponding printing workload.

Streamlined banners

In response to user feedback, the notification banners have been reworked to enhance usability. Key usability improvements have been added to shorten the display time and reduce the width, resulting in faster interactions with the top navigation. This improvement strikes a balance between keeping users informed and ensuring a smooth user experience without hindering workflow.

Quick scan with Bluetooth scanners

As a result of incorporating user feedback into our scanner capability, the quick scan functionality has been improved with Bluetooth scanner support. Users can now enable the Bluetooth scanner in Settings and connect the scanner on a particular device. This was a frequently requested enhancement and enables a broader range of customers to benefit from the convenience of quick scanning. We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts with us so that we can continue to make it better.

Learn how to set up and use a Bluetooth scanner .

Inventory - Carton-level receiving

Additional usability enhancements have also been added to the product list. The enhancements for product list optimizes the view to handle more items, resulting in better page performance when displaying long lists of ASN content.

Price adjustments (increases) for blind returns

Associates can now make price adjustments using a higher price when processing blind returns within the Associate App. Prior to this update, price adjustments on blind returns only allowed for a lower price entry. Now Associate App allows store associates to change the price on a blind return to a higher price. This change addresses use cases where the original purchase price for an item being returned may be higher than the current price reflected in the price book/catalog. This improvement will be available for all users.

Continuous improvement with new metrics

Metrics play a key role in optimizing the NewStore experience. As such, this release of the Associate App introduces new metrics, encompassing user engagement, conversions, performance, and more! These added metrics signify our relentless pursuit of app excellence. While not visible to retailers, these metrics are the backbone of our ongoing mission to empower continuous improvements and deliver an exceptional app experience.

Improved messaging when fulfillment is disabled

As part of our efforts to continually improve usability, we have enhanced the messaging within the fulfillment area. Previously when a store had no pending fulfillment tasks and fulfillment was disabled, associates received a potentially confusing Fulfillment not configured message. We have updated the message to clarify that there are no active fulfillment tasks, ensuring associates understand it's not an error.

Bug fixes

  • Opening the last checkout will now properly show the last placed order again.
  • Switching between different users will now correctly restore the last visited screen for every user.
  • The associate listed last in the item attribution selection can now also be accessed.
  • Clienteling "My inbox" no longer shows messages from the previous logged-in user.
  • Manual logout will now work properly when using new login flow.
  • Associate will now see an error banner when quick scanning a product that can not be added to the cart.
  • Extended attributes are now passed when adding gift cards to the cart.

Release v1.39.2

Release date: September 07, 2023

This patch release is aimed at retailers who are piloting the new login flow framework implementation. Retailers not using the new login flow enabled do not need this patch.

Bug fixes

Associates can now use cash management operations such as Daily Open and Daily Close again.

Release v1.39.1

Release date: September 06, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Associates are able to login using their PIN again.
  • App does not crash anymore when performing a quick scan and navigating to a different tab.

Release v1.39.0

Release date: September 4, 2023

New features

Sales attribution for items sold by associates

To have accurate data for comissions, store associates can now assign (provide sales credit for) a specific associate to each item in an order during the checkout process.

To assign a sale to a store associate, associates can select the item within the cart and select Assign Associate. A list of active store associates for that specific store is displayed. If there are multiple items in the cart, each item can be attributed to a different associate, after which the cart displays the assigned associate for each item in the order.


Retailers using the previous Associate App extension for assigning commissions to associates must update their backend integrations prior to enabling this feature via an app configuration.

Learn more about how to use this feature .

Quickly add products to the cart

To speed up the checkout process and better visibility of products in the cart, associates now have the possibility to scan the products directly from the cart screen.

Associates can tap on the newly added Scan button on the cart screen navigation bar, and scan the product barcode using the native iOS camera. The scanned product is added to the cart immediately. The app does not require a confirmation to speed up the process.


Tap to Pay on iPhone in the Netherlands

Retailers in the Netherlands can now use Tap to Pay on iPhone in their stores. Associate App v1.39.0 adds the latest Adyen SDK for Tap to Pay on iPhone, which provides future support for iOS 17.

Learn how to set up Tap to Pay on iPhone .

Extended login timeframe

To reduce the frequency of logins for associates, Associate App introduces an extended 7-day token lifetime instead of the previous 12-hour timeframe. Associates now only need to log in with their full credentials once every 7 days, and can use their PIN to log in afterwards within this 7-day timeframe.


The new login framework must be enabled for this extended login timeframe, which NewStore will gradually roll out shortly after this release.

Dismissable loading dialog for addresses

Loading dialogs for deleting or updating an address are now dismissible in case loading takes too long. This allows associates to perform other tasks and unblocks them.

Runner improvements

To focus on the relevant requests, Sales associates and Runners can now filter the request list by status to see only new or in-progress requests. They can now also access completed requests, to verify any details if needed.

Early adoption feature

Scanning without a confirmation dialog

Early Access

If you are interested in early access to this feature, ask your point of contact at NewStore or contact your Omnichannel Success Manager to enable this feature for you.

To speed up the inventory process, now you can configure the app to scan inventory without confirming the product or quantity. If this feature is enabled, upon scanning a product the app displays the product information card and a green success or orange no success message at the top. During any inventory operations the product is added without any confirmation step and the associate can proceed with the next scan.

To disable confirmations, use the Configuration API and set the require_confirmation_on_scanning and allow_receiving_manual_quantity_editing properties to false.

We'd like to collect feedback from teams in the stores to improve the experience for retailers who are dealing with a high volume of products, and would like to move faster when performing cycle counts or receiving inventory.

We are currently looking for early adopters to validate the solution and provide feedback. If you are interested in early access to this feature, you can configure your business, ask your point of contact at NewStore or contact your Omnichannel Success Manager to enable this feature for you.

Upcoming features

Customization widget for date selection

In a few weeks, NewStore will introduce a new feature for customizing widgets, enabling associates to select dates in the app. This selection can encompass a complete date or a partial date in multiple combinations, such as a birthdate 12/31, or birth month 01/1984. The format in which NewStore saves the data will be configurable in NOM.

Bug fixes

  • Drawer navigation now works correctly after cancelling a refund transaction.
  • Printing labels with a Zebra printer now correctly prints the label, formatted according to the paper size.
  • Address suggestions can be edited, unit numbers are populated in the address line, address name populates correctly in new customer screens' address fields.
  • Locking the phone and coming back to fiscal reports no longer displays a blank white screen.
  • The store contact number can now be called via the app even if it contains blank spaces.
  • Printing hang tags now works correctly when the new printing framework is disabled.
  • The app now automatically navigates to the last visited screen after logging in using your PIN.
  • The Selling area is now hidden correctly from view when configured to be unavailable to associates.
  • If there is a failure in retrieving a conversation, the chat button no longer becomes unresponsive.
  • For inventory transactions, the Confirm button is no longer disabled in certain cases.
  • When adding a product to a runner request, no unintended products from previous requests are added.
  • Store-level tax exemption class definitions can now be successfully retrieved.
  • For retailers where the new login experience has been enabled, the associate is no longer required to create a new PIN if a PIN has been previously set.

Release v1.38.0

Release date: August 14, 2023

New features

Store Fulfillment order documents available for reprint in app

Associates can now view the details and documents of orders that have been marked as Handed Over, with the option to reprint the necessary documents. This helps fix and reprint order documents such as shipping labels when the barcode is illegible, even after the order has already been marked as handed over for shipping.

Associates can now view a list of all recent orders in the past 7 days that have been marked as Handed Over, search for orders by Order ID in this list, reprint associated documents, and also view more details for the order such as customer name, product prices, and items included in the package.


Tax exemptions

Associates can now add the Tax exemption number and the Tax exemption class to process the order as a tax exempt order. This helps ensure that tax exempt orders are captured in a compliant manner, without the need for app customizations.

Supported from
This feature is supported from v1.38.0.

Inventory improvements

  • Completed adjustments are now visible in the app so associates can review them or view notes for the transactions.
  • Associates can now quickly select the destination location from a list based on what they type, when creating store-initiated transfers of inventory.

Runner improvements

  • The name of the associate acting as the Runner is now visible on the request so the sales associate knows who to contact for more information.
  • Associates and the runner can now filter requests that were created or the ones they are working on so the most relevant or priority requests can be focused on.
  • The usability of the Runner has been improved, as the list of requests is automatically refreshed when a Runner request has been completed or the status has changed. The list no longer needs to be manually refreshed.

Additonal improvements

  • Address suggestion improvements: The experience for searching addresses in customer profiles and when selecting the delivery address for endless aisle orders has also been improved. When entering addresses, the app waits until the full entry is complete before suggesting options. This improves the accuracy of suggestions and overall usability.

    Additionally, the order of house or unit numbers and street names are now retained to improve address support for countries like Australia and the UK that have different address formats.

  • Dismissible printing dialog boxes for improved app control: Sometimes the app takes longer than expected to communicate with the printer. Previously, this rendered the app in an unusable state, requiring a force close and restart.

    As a first iteration, loading screens indicating an ongoing printing process can now be dismissed, giving associates control if the process takes longer than expected. This prevents app lockouts and provides flexibility in case of errors, enabling increased app continuity for a smoother experience.

Upcoming features

Quickly add products to the cart

To speed up the checkout process and better visibility of products in the cart, associates now have the possibility to scan the products directly from the cart screen.

Associates can tap on the newly added Scan button on the cart screen navigation bar, and scan the product barcode using the native iOS camera. The scanned product is added to cart immediately. The app does not ask for a confirmation to speed up the process.


Enable the new scanning framework to use this Quick scan feature.

Bug fixes

  • Locking the phone when on Inventory or Store Fulfillment screens no longer causes the app to freeze.

  • Multi-store users: The store ID configured in the app is now correctly recognized, resulting in associates being assigned to the correct store.

  • Offline orders are now assigned to the associate who uploaded the order.

  • Bug fixes for new customer screens:

    • Email_opt_in customization/configuration is now supported in the new screens.
    • Address lookup in new customer screens now show street name and house number in the correct order.
    • Blind returns are now correctly associated with the assigned customer for the return.
    • Adding a blind return to the cart now dismisses the return dialog box.
  • Product attributes are now correctly shown on the Order Detail screen.

  • Using the app in a store that does not have business hours configured no longer slows down the app.

  • The Settings menu in side navigation drawer is no longer hidden on devices that have smaller screens.

  • For inventory transactions, receiving cartons no longer leaves a draft transaction when cancelled before it is submitted.

  • The app extension for hang tag printing is no longer displayed when new hang tags from the Templates Editor are enabled.

Release v1.37.1

Release date: July 25, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Gift card values are now shown for all applicable currencies in the store.
  • App does not crash anymore when orders contain products that have an invalid image URL.
  • Associates can now navigate to the payment selection screen even if the app is force closed during the checkout process.
  • Browsing through the app for a long time does not cause the app to crash anymore.

Release v1.37.0

Release date: July 24, 2023

New features

Revamped customer profile screens

Customer screens in the app have been redesigned to make it easier for associates to find, create, and assign customers to a profile. These changes can now be enabled in the app:

  • Directly access customer profiles from the cart or when trying to create a customer that already exists.
  • Create a new profile directly from the Search screen with auto-population of fields, so you don't have to ask for the information and enter it again.
  • The screen for customer addresses provides a simplified overview, allowing associates to easily create, update, or delete addresses.
  • The app scanner can now identify whether the scanned code, such as a QR code or barcode, contains customer information that can be utilized during the customer profile search process.
  • From the customer search, quickly assign a customer to a cart without having to navigate to the profile overview first.
  • The app validates the phone number format (E.164) on the customer profile to avoid errors.
  • A single name field supports adding longer names with multiple or singular parts, especially for countries where the categorization of a first and last name is not practiced. Event stream, however, keeps the separation of first and last names.

For more information on enabling these changes for your business, see:


Enabling this feature will disrupt any active custom app extensions that you have configured for customer profile screens in the app.


A revamped login process

The login experience in the app has been revamped to stabilize the process and remove issues when logging in. NewStore will also gather data on the new login flow and its usage, to evaluate and further improve the login experience for associates in the future.

To enable this feature for your business, see Enabling an improved login process for Associate App .


To use the new login process, all devices must be updated to v1.37.0 or later. Any devices on which the app has not been updated to v1.37.0 or later will not display the new login flow for users even if the feature has been enabled for your business.

Performance improvements

  • Order activity - The Order Activity screen in the customer profile screen has a fresh new look and offers a smoother navigation for associates, and is more responsive in general.
  • Order details - The Order Details view has also been optimized to improve both the transition speed and the retrieval of order details. Associates will now experience faster loading times and smoother transitions when moving between the Order List and Order Details screens and initiating returns.
  • Return process - The return flow has been optimized to offer associates a more responsive experience when they select products, return reasons, and condition of the item.

Filtering stock on hand

After introducing sorting for ATP and stock on hand , associates can now also filter stock on hand for items in the app. Associates can use this feature to find products that are still in-stock for customers to buy in the store.


This feature is only available to retailers who use NewStore as inventory master for stores in their business. See NewStore as inventory master .

Default sorting behavior has also been changed for retailers who do not offer Endless Aisle .

Instead of ATP, the default sort now uses stock on hand, to bring items with the most available stock to the top of the page, ensuring that associates find saleable items quickly.

The sorting option for ATP is not displayed in the app anymore in such cases.

Inventory improvements

  • Associates can now access completed ASNs to view the latest activity on them and see if the items have been received correctly.
  • Associates can now see the number of products (SKUs) and the units of the ASNs on the list so they can plan to receive them now or later, depending on the size of the shipment.
  • Associates can now remove or decrease the quantity of scanned products when the manual quantity picker is disabled, so the quantity can be updated if the last product was accidentally scanned.
  • The input in the manual quantity picker is overwritten by default when an associate enters the quantity of the item to avoid accidentally entering a wrong quantity.

For more information, see Using NewStore Associate App to manage inventory .

Runner improvements

Stock associates can now mark products as unavailable if they cannot find them. This allows the sales associate to see the availability of the product in the request.

The stock associate can mark the product as available again if they find it in the store.

For more information, see Using the runner .

Multi-store users in Test Mode

Users that can log into multiple stores in the app can now also switch between Test Mode of the app and the live version in production. Manual store assignment when switching to Test Mode for such users is no longer required.

Improved messaging for restricted coupons

For coupons or promotions that have restrictions applied to them, the app now displays improved messaging in the UI on why these coupons could not be applied to a specific order.

Based on the situation, associates are notified if the coupon was not applied because the coupon code does not exist, the coupon was already redeemed, the coupon is limited to a specific customer ID, or if it is only applicable in specific stores.

Bug fixes

  • Associates with an expired PIN will no longer receive a Session Expired alert.
  • For multi-store users, the app no longer crashes intermittently when the associate is already assigned to the store.
  • For a remote cart, scanning a product that is not found in the catalog no longer endlessly loads in the app.
  • When multiple printers are configured, the app now displays the printer selection dialog box when printing hangtags.
  • Printing receipts using the AirPrint only mode no longer causes the app to crash.
  • Discounted prices now show up correctly in the Order Detail page.

Release v1.36.1

Release date: July 10, 2023

Bug fixes

Add gift card button is no longer disabled when necessary data is added for a gift card payment.

Release v1.36.0

Release date: July 3, 2023

New features


With the first iteration of the Runner functionality, associates can now request products to be brought to them on the sales floor without having to leave the customer to get the product from the stock room themselves. This increases potential for completing a sale, enhancing Units Per Transaction (UPT) and the order value, improving overall revenue.

For more information, see Using the runner .

Priority orders

NewStore has introduced a priority orders feature to enable store associates to manage the priority orders. Retailers can now define a list of service levels to be considered as priority. Associates can now see if there are priority orders waiting to be fulfilled and create fulfillment waves containing only priority orders.

To add the service levels in your fulfillment configuration, use the Store fulfillment configuration API.

For more information to configure the Associate App settings, see Enabling priority orders in store fulfillment .

Hang tag template tool

This capability requires Associate App v1.36.0. For more information, see A hang tag template for additional pricebooks .


Associate App customization enhancements

Associate App has now been enhanced to facilitate deeper customization. A key feature is the introduction of extension points in the More menu, which enables the integration of webviews based on the store and/or associate context. For example, this feature can be utilized to provide a centralized, at-a-glance view of all upcoming customer appointments, streamlining operations and boosting associate productivity.

Further upgrades include a new customization feature that allows users to choose a single attribute from a predefined list and expanded capabilities for customer profile extensions leverage customer profile IDs, previously limited to extended attributes.

For more information, see Managing Associate App customizations .

Streamlined barcode scanning validation

Retailers may have multiple barcodes on products where only one of them is a product identifier valid at NewStore. When scanning these barcodes, the app now quickly validates the barcodes and displays a message on the top of the screen with haptic feedback. A dialog box asking for confirmation from the associate no longer appears, speeding up the scanning process.

Tap to Pay on iPhone - international cards

NewStore has included an enhancement for Tap to Pay on iPhone which enables the US stores to now accept international credit cards. Prior to this enhancement, store associates would be presented with an error message when attempting to process a payment request using Tap to Pay on iPhone when the shopper was using an international credit card.

With this release, retailers and store associates can now offer convenience to shoppers, who will be presented with a prompt within Associate App for the shopper to enter the PIN associated with their international credit card. This new enhancement will also help to address payment error and failure rates when Tap to Pay on iPhone is associated with international credit cards.

It represents the first step in the Tap to Pay on iPhone expansion to support international shoppers.


All devices currently using Tap to Pay on iPhone must be updated to a minimum version of iOS v16.4 and Associate App v1.36.0.

Catalog sorting by stock on hand

The product listing page continues to be improved.

After introducing the option to sort products by shipping availability for endless aisle, associates can now sort the product listing page on stock available in the current store. This allows associates to quickly find products for customers that come in and want something to take with them immediately.


This capability requires that retailers use NewStore as the system of record for store inventory management.

Transfer Packing List

As the Transfer Packing List is a new document type, associates must configure the printer for this document type (from Associate App v1.36.0 and later), before they print any transfer packing lists as documents. Previously, it used the same packing list for both orders and transfers.


For retailers that have the new printer framework turned on, associates must configure Printer Settings and assign the Transfer Packing List document type to the relevant printer.

Performance improvements

  • Rendering optimization during app navigation

    We've optimized app navigation by eliminating unnecessary background operations. This addresses user feedback regarding sluggish response times and app instability, especially when adding items to the cart. With these optimizations, users can expect a smoother, faster, and more reliable app experience.

  • Adding multiple products to cart

    We've significantly improved the speed of adding multiple products to the cart in response to user feedback about sluggishness and occasional unresponsiveness. This enhancement streamlines the process, providing a smooth, efficient, and more satisfying user experience when building carts in the app.

Bug fixes

  • Repeated product tap: Tapping the same product in a cart multiple times will now only open the action sheet once.

  • Multi-store login: Multi-store users can now login to the app even if a non-existing storeId was provided during application bootstrap.

  • Post-login product additions: The app no longer freezes when a product is added to the cart right after login.

  • Printing dialog timeout: The printing dialog now disappears after 5 seconds when the connection to the Zebra printer cannot be established.

  • Sidebar menu display: The sidebar menu now properly shows all menu items, even on small devices.

  • Bluetooth scanning: The Bluetooth scanner now recognizes all scanned UPC codes.

  • External order scanning: Scanning an external order code now correctly opens order details.

  • Order summary confirmation: The Order Summary screen will now inform the associate that a receipt was printed when using the AirPrint only printing mode.

  • Automatic logout: The automatic logout feature after phone lock will work again when leaving the Coupon screen without scanning or entering a coupon.

  • Multi-barcode scanning: The scanner no longer shows an infinite loading spinner if multiple barcodes are scanned at once.

  • Inventory date formats: Date formats now reflect the device locale during inventory flows.

Upcoming features

Revamped customer profiles

The customer screens in Associate App have been redesigned to make it easier and faster for associates to search for, create, and assign customers. With improved app stability and general UX enhancements, associates will enjoy a more seamless and efficient process to engage with customers in the store. NewStore will send out a separate communication, detailing capabilities and how retailers can receive the update.

Release v1.35.0

Release date: June 12, 2023

New features

A hang tag template for additional pricebooks

To print in-store hang tags with custom prices, a new template called, hangtag has been introducted in the Templates Editor in Omnichannel Manager. Retailers can customize this template to provide an additional pricebook to a store and associates can print hang tags with custom prices.

For more information to configure the template, see Customizing a template and to configure the Associate App settings, see Printing in-store hang tags using additional pricebooks .


Inventory management improvements

  • Transfer Packing list now available as a new document type

    Stores can now print a packing list for transfers as a separate document type when processing transfers. This can now be configured to be printed separately from the Store Fulfillment Packing List document.

  • UPC-A and Code39 values available on the product cards

    Associates can now view the UPC-A and Code39 values on the product card when performing inventory operations. This helps assocuates to easily identify the product by matching the codes on the hang tags with the codes in the app.

  • Access completed Transfer Orders

    Associates can now access completed transfer orders in the app, so they can check the status of the transfer and can also reprint transfer documents such as shipping labels for the transfer.

Bug fixes

  • App no longer crashes if products are loaded without relevant currency information.
  • During clienteling operations, customer chat screen fetches incoming messages automatically.
  • Printing multi-page documents no longer mirrors every second page.
  • Printing documents using Airprint-only mode now shows in-app feedback to the associate.
  • Scanning multiple codes at once no longer slows down the app.
  • Associates are now logged out automatically when the phone is locked.
  • Bluetooth scanner now works with every available scanner view.
  • Adding different extended attributes to an order no longer fails when updating the cart slows down in the app.

Release v1.34.0

Release date: May 22, 2023

New features

Reset the app

A new menu option has been introduced on the Settings screen that allows users to erase the local data stored in the app and reset the app when unexpected behavior occurs.

This action avoids having to re-install the app completely and allows users in the store to resolve related problems without relying on the retailer's IT team to resolve them via MDM.


This action will result in deleting the user history list, user PINs, active carts, saved carts, and default printer selection so this feature should only be used when necessary to avoid additional effort for associates.


Inventory management improvements

  • Packing list for transfers without a shipment

    Stores can now print a packing list when initiating a transfer to another location even when there is no shipment with a carrier. This allows for easy identification of the box (sent from where to where) and the list of products that are included.

  • Improved scanning flow for transfers

    When performing a store transfer, the scanning flow has been optimized to allow associates to continue to add & scan products without having to return back to the list of products in the transfer. This improved navigation will speed up the process for associates.

  • Manual quantity entry in inventory management

    Associates can now enter the quantity for the item using the numeric keyboard throughout Inventory Management in addition to using the + / - buttons to increment and decrement the quantity. Associates will see efficiency with products in large quantities.

  • Visibility to ASN shipment date and Order ID

    In order to further improve the experience of inventory management, associates are now able to also see the shipment date and Order ID of the ASN, which helps them to prioritize tasks easily and effectively.

Return form added as a new document type

A Return form is now available as a new document type that can be configured when using the new printer management. This allows return forms to be printed and included in shipments fulfilled from the stores.

Optimized data fetching in the app

As part of an ongoing initiative to improve the stability and experience of the app, the data fetching behavior of the application was improved. This should reduce issues during the login as well as speed up communication between the app and platform.

Shipping availability on the PDP

Shipping availability is now displayed on the Product Details page. This makes it quick and easy for associates to identify if a product can be sold under endless aisle for delivery to the customer, without having to look up inventory or attempt to add it to the cart.


This option will only be visible for retailers and/or stores that are configured for the endless aisle orders.

Currently, this option reflects global availability of the product and does not consider the location (DC or store) where the product is available or the destination address for delivery. This option will be evaluated for improvement in the future.

Improved gift card overview

The enhanced gift card overview that was first released in v1.29.0 along with gift card cashouts is now available for all retailers without requiring a configuration to enable it.

Bug fixes

  • App does not navigate to the Customer tab if the Selling section is disabled.
  • Quantity modal in inventory management is no longer covered by the keyboard, preventing the user from viewing the quantity.
  • Inventory transactions can no longer be duplicated when the user accidently taps the button in the app multiple times.
  • When using cash rounding, the correct rounded total amount is now displayed during the payment process as well as on the Order Summary screen.

Release v1.33.2

Release date: May 15, 2023


Clearing locally stored app data

Associates can now clear the local app data in More > Settings. This allows associates to avoid reinstalling the app in order to clear the locally stored data in the app.

Extended information in the app

Debugging potential issues is now easier with extended information added to the About section in the app.

Bug fixes

  • After completing payments during checkout, the app does not move back to the cart screen.
  • Issues with incomplete logout processes or incorrect PIN login processes have now been fixed.
  • Logs for potential issues have been enhanced with local app data.

Release v1.33.1

Release date: May 4, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Reduced delays in cash drawer connectivity.

  • Improved storage of temporary app data.


    After applying this patch, reset your PIN and log into the app again for the changes to take effect.

Release v1.33.0

Release date: May 1, 2023

New features

New sidebar navigation

To enable a unified and intuitive experience when using Associate App, a new sidebar navigation menu has been introduced to allow associates to access specific tasks:

  • Selling to customers
  • Fulfilling orders
  • Managing inventory
  • Setting up hardware in the store

This approach simplifies the experience for associates when navigating the app for day-to-day operations.


The sidebar navigation menu is automatically enabled as soon as you update the app to v1.33.0 or later.

Using AirPrint enabled printers

To support retailers asking for custom printing options such as double-sided printing, the app now allows you to disbale the printer management framework and use an AirPrint only mode. In this mode, the app allows printing via AirPrint enabled printers in the store. See the documentation .


Using the AirPrint only mode stops the app from being able to print via other printer models to print specialized documents, such as fiscal receipts or hangtags.

Bluetooth barcode scanner

The app now supports Bluetooth barcode scanners, to improve the scanning experience with iPads in the store.

Cash rounding

Associate App now supports cash rounding as a feature in countries where cash rounding is a requirement or is supported, such as in Australia or Canada. Associates no longer need to manually calculate change or reconcile deficit balances in the cash drawer because smaller denominations are not supported in their stores.

The app offers clear messages when rounding off cash (up or down) for payment transactions.

Cash rounding data is also available in the receipt templates, to allow you to add this to customer receipts. Omnichannel Manager also displays the actual cash amount captured after rounding off against respective cash drawers.

Event Stream also consumes the rounded cash amount for events that are emitted for cash sales transactions, in countries where cash rounding is applicable.


Navigating back to the entry screen

Tap on tab bar icon of the active section now lets the associate navigate back to the entry screen. This is a generic behavior in iOS apps.

Use offline catalog for faster product ID verification when scanning

To speed up the scanning experience, the app now uses the offline catalog data to validate product IDs.


This feature only works if offline catalog is enabled. See Enabling offline catalogs .

Improved error handling for Star printers

Error messages have been improved for issues that surface when handling Star printers in the store.

Display external identifiers for products

When managing inventory in the app, product cards now display all the external identifiers configured for your business.

Configurable manual quantity picker

When managing inventory in the app, you can configure a manual quantity picker to not be allowed for use, and enforce scanning of all items or units.

Bug fixes

  • UPC-A products are now recognized correctly by the DataScanner.
  • The printing dialog does not temporarily block print buttons in the app any more.
  • The app now updates the quantity when adjusting inventory after scanning more than 1 item.

Release v1.32.1

Release date: April 13, 2023

Bug fixes

Pressing the confirmation button repeatedly during checkout in the app no longer causes cash payments to be accepted and processed multiple times for the same order.

Release v1.32.0

Release date: April 10, 2023

New features

Multi-store users

It was challenging for retailers to manually handle the situations in which associates have to work in multiple stores or cover shifts in nearby stores.

We have now made this process easier by removing the need to change the associates' store assignment in NewStore Omnichannel Manager.

It is now possible to configure the store while installing the Associate App on the iPhone using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. When the associate logs into the app, it automatically changes their store assignment, so retailers don't have to do it manually anymore.

Inventory operations

Receiving inventory: Store associates can now receive shipments arriving from the warehouse against the Advance Shipment Notice (ASN). If enabled for the retailer, the shipments coming from the vendors can also be received without an ASN in the Associate App.

Counting inventory: Cycle count tasks that are created by the head office or created through mispicks during store fulfillment (if configured) can now be performed in the Associate App.

Adjusting inventory: Store associates can now adjust the inventory in the Associate App.

For more information, see Using NewStore Associate App to manage inventory .

Upcoming Features

Bluetooth barcode scanners

With the objective to improve the iPad experience, scanning has been identified as one of the biggest pain points for associates. We are experimenting with Bluetooth barcode scanners to evaluate scanning accuracy & speed as well as the user experience.


Enhanced payment transaction processing with Tap to Pay on iPhone

A new performance enhancement has been introduced in payment processing for Tap to Pay on iPhone, aimed at improving the speed processing payment transactions. This enhancement optimizes the communication between the iPhone and the Adyen backend, resulting in faster transaction times and an improved payment experience for associates and customers.

Alphanumeric PIN support for gift cards

A new alphanumeric keyboard for gift cards has been introduced to support gift card providers that have alphabetical characters in the gift card PIN. The keyboard will default to the alpha mode but can easily be toggled to numeric mode, providing increased flexibility in gift card PIN entry.

Star Micronics printer discovery

When configuring the Star printers in the new printer management, discovery will no longer show printers that are already configured for the store, simplifying and avoiding confusion during the setup process.

Test page for AirPrint and Star Micronics printers

Test print will help to configure printers with regards to paper size and templates. As this was implemented for Zebra printer, printing a sample document is now also available for AirPrint and Star printers.

Scanner screen visualizes the scan region

This helps the associates to focus the barcode and scan easily by reducing the area of scanning. Note that it is initially be only available in inventory management, but expansion to other areas is under consideration.

App performance improvements

Certain app screens were optimized in an effort to improve app performance. Associates can notice the slightly improved performance with the drawer menu and also some other screens.

Improved handling of MQTT connection failures

In hardware fiscal countries (Italy & Poland), the MQTT connection flow is improved, and MQTT connection failures will now show an error message that will let associates try placing the order again.

Associates will also notice reduced fiscal printer connection errors during order placement in cases of bad network conditions.

Improved error visibility when generating shipping documents

When a shipment booking fails and the documents cannot be generated during order fulfillment, the error details are now provided in the Associate App. Also, associates can now retry printing each document that could not be generated with a newly added button.

Bug fixes

  • Orders requiring manager approval are now properly assigned to the associate and not the manager.
  • Printing with legacy printer management doesn't display the timeout banner.
  • Shipping documents are no longer rotated when printing with Star or Zebra printers.
  • After a gift card is scanned successfully, the scanner now stops scanning as required.
  • Business hours of the store are now displayed correctly in the Associate App.

Release v1.31.0

Release date: March 20, 2023


Add customized gift messages

Associates can now add customized gift messages for all items in a cart for a customer. See Configuring gift messages .

Improved gift receipts

Gift receipts now include the address of the store where the order was placed instead of the store where the gift receipt is being printed. See Printing gift receipts .

App selects the default printer for fiscal documents

Associates now do not have to manually select a fiscal printer while completing checkout for an order. The app now automatically selects a default fiscal printer to print fiscal documents related to an order in countries where hardware fiscal regulations apply.

Automatic store assignment for associates

When logging in, associates are automatically assigned to the store which has been appointed for the device via the MDM. Retailers do not need to manually assign associates to stores via Omnichannel Manager.

This improvement helps reduce the time and overhead when assigning associates to the right stores when they switch frequently between stores.

Bug fixes

  • Login experience for associates is now quicker than before.
  • Associates are not redirected to the Selling section when they return after locking the phone.
  • The Drawer menu is not accessible anymore before an associate has logged in using a PIN.
  • Processing blind returns do not slow down the app.
  • Tapping on a product image no longer causes the app to crash.
  • When a printer is removed from the store, the updated list of available printers is now displayed for all associates in the store.
  • Associates can now scroll down the list of available printers to select a printer.
  • The dialog box notifying associates of unsaved changes is no longer displayed if the associated printer has been deleted.

Release v1.30.1

Release date: March 2, 2023

Bug fixes

Retailers can now print fulfillment documents via the app again.

Release v1.30.0

Release date: February 27, 2023


Improved coupon scanning experience

The app scanner now automatically dismisses the keyboard, and more design improvements have been made so that different screen sizes are supported. Additionally, a banner with an error message appears if a scanned coupon code has already been applied to the cart.

Transfer orders

Associates can now view Transfer Orders from the store and move relevant products to the specified destination. See Using NewStore Associate App to manage inventory .

Default printer support

The new printing framework now also supports a default printer, which makes printing multiple documents much easier.

Improved performance visibility

Improved traceability inside the app brings more insights on app performance and network requests.

Bug fixes

  • Applying a coupon on an already discounted item no longer crashes the app.
  • The Product not found alert now needs to be dismissed in order to scan another barcode.
  • When entering the order number manually, the order can be tapped and opened to view more details.
  • Scanner does not stay open when navigating through or closing the app.
  • Tapping My Account on a customer profile does not cause the app to crash.
  • Resolving issues in offline mode do not cause display of a wrong currency against the product.
  • When an associate switches the store, the printing location is also automatically changed.
  • Loading customer profiles with a huge number of orders does not degrade the app performance.

Release v1.29.2

Release date: February 21, 2023


Mark sales receipt as a copy for additional prints

As a legal requirement, it is not allowed in certain fiscal countries like Sweden or France to reprint the same sales receipt without marking it as a copy. To support upcoming store launches, the receipts will now be fetched and re-rendered as a copy, if necessary.

Bug fixes

  • Order history can now be properly accessed again.
  • Associates can access the customer profile by using the scanner or manually entering the customer details.
  • Zero amount orders can be placed properly in the app again.

Release v1.29.1

Release date: February 8, 2023

Bug fixes

The customer information in the extended attributes can be modified again.

Release v1.29.0

Release date: February 6, 2023

New features

Check gift card balance and cash-out

Retailers who use gift cards along with NewStore cash management can now check gift card balances. Associates can cashout the gift card balance amount to the customer.

For more information, See Enabling gift card balance checks and cashout .

Print transfer documents

Associates can now print the shipping labels and the packing slips in Associate App to complete the transfer.

For more information, See Transferring inventory .


Scans only framed barcodes

The app scanner now scans only the product barcode from the frame.

New look and feel to payment screens

With the brand new look and feel of Associate App since v1.28.0, retailers can now see enhanced payment screens.

Miscellaneous retailer-specific app extensions

Bug fixes

  • During store fulfillment the Reprint button now opens the print dialog box properly.
  • When you finish scanning products, the camera goes away as expected.
  • Canceling printing documents takes you back to the earlier screen now.
  • When you cancel the printer selection, the error is not displayed anymore.

Release v1.28.3

Release date: January 23, 2023

Bug fixes

App no longer displays a white screen when an associate tries to redeem a coupon via the app.

Release v1.28.2

Release date: January 21, 2023

Bug fixes

  • App no longer crashes when an associate uses the drawer menu to switch between different sections in the app.

Release v1.28.1

Release date: January 17, 2023

Bug fixes

  • The Confirm button is always available in the Picking screen when fulfilling an order in the app.

Release v1.28.0

Release date: January 16, 2023

New Features

New look and feel

The first version of a brand new look and feel of Associate App is now available with this release. All retailers will use one unified color scheme and a more widespread use of our new UI toolkit. More design improvements are on the way.


Book shipments for store transfers

Associates can now book a shipment for a store-initiated transfer in Associate App by selecting the required shipping option. Associates would still need to switch to Fulfillment App to print the transfer documents.

Disable printing gift receipts for returns

No gift receipts are generated in the app for returns, so the option to print them will not be available in the order summary screen in the app.

Miscellaneous retailer-specific app extensions

Bug fixes

  • Stage Switch when Testing app features now gracefully shuts down the app and is more self-explanatory.
  • The app notifies the associate when autocomplete cannot find a specified address.
  • Product title and prices in offline carts are properly aligned in the UI.
  • Gift receipt printing is more resilient now.
  • Searching for customer profiles in the app is more reliable now.
  • App no longer crashes during the manager approval process.
  • Printing order documents with PII data works properly now.

Release v1.27.1

Release date: January 5, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Product barcodes are now consistently recognized by the camera during scanning.
  • The Fulfillment option is always displayed in the More menu in the app.

Release v1.27.0

Release date: December 27, 2022

New Features

Coupon Scanning

Associates can now scan coupons using the native iOS camera in the app. Both 1D barcodes and QR codes can be used. This will save associates time and prevent typing errors, especially with long and complex single use codes that are sent out to customers.


Additional language support

The app now supports translations to Catalan and Swedish.

New scanner framework

Apple has released a new data scanner with iOS 16, which is faster and more reliable. The app is now using this new scanner to improve the scanning experience in the app.

Manual update of quantity during store transfers

Associates can now edit the quantity of items to be transferred via a store-initiated transfer after scanning an item. See Store-initiated transfers .

Remote carts enabled for all stores

Stores that have been onboarded for clienteling now also have remote carts enabled by default for them.

Also, when sharing a remote cart, the CTA button on the screen displays Share instead of Pay. For more information on remote carts, see Working with remote carts .

Bug fixes

  • When associates minimize the app when using the new printer management framework, they need to log into the app again.
  • Resolving orders with the wrong product ID in Offline Mode now works again in the app.
  • Refunds are logged when an external OMS is part of the integration with the app.
  • The app does not crash when pairing an integrated cash drawer with the app.
  • Offline catalogs in the app support looking up products that use external identifiers

Release v1.26.1

Release date: December 12, 2022

Bug fixes

Scanning multiple bar codes at once does not make the app unresponsive.

Release v1.26.0

Release date: December 5, 2022


Additional language support

The app now supports translations to Danish, Dutch, and Polish.

The legacy printing framework is now also available in all supported languages.

App performance improvements

Enhanced caching now has improved the performance of the app, especially while scanning products or when browsing the catalog.

Loyalty integration

When the app is integrated with a loyalty program provider app, multiple loyalty rewards can now be redeemed for a single order. This offers better flexibility to customers enrolled in their loyalty programs.

Custom product configurator improvements

The app customization for made-to-order (MTO) products is now more flexible, allowing the name of the extended attribute to be configured. This was previously limited to the season attribute. See (Optional) Customizing products .

Bug fixes

  • Retailer-specific bug fixes.
  • The app no longer crashes when creating or managing printer locations.
  • Using the back button when using Offline Mode in the app no longer causes the app to crash.
  • Return reason and quality condition of returns are recorded correctly when processing returns via the app.

Release v1.25.3

Release date: November 28, 2022

Bug fixes

Missing response data does not abort payments via Terminal API any more.

Release v1.25.2

Release date: November 18, 2022

Bug fixes

  • Manager approval happens without showing the Cart sync error.
  • Submit order button doesn't appear during the payment process.
  • Alert for adding delivery is not shown anymore for retailers without endless aisle orders.
  • Complete packing button is now disabled when documents are not available.
  • Fixed a bug which introduced a delay in scanning products or gift card

Release v1.25.1

Release date: November 11, 2022

Bug fixes

  • Email receipt confirmation is now cleared after sending an email receipt
  • Checkout button no longer occasionally shows Synchronization failed after modifying the cart

Release v1.25.0

Release date: November 9, 2022

New Features

User experience ratings for the app

Retailers can now enable the app to display a survey for associates to rate their experience of using the app.


The survey can currently be accessed from the More menu in the app. NewStore plans to trigger the survey automatically to associates in the future.

Store specific configuration for the app

Retailers can now configure Associate App for specific stores, which allows more flexibility to test and launch new features in select stores before releasing it across their business.

For more information, see the API docs.

Single Scan forms for store fulfillment orders

Carrier pickups can now be handed over in accordance to carrier regulations by using Single Scan Forms. This allows retailers that ship with Canada Post and other carriers to avoid heavy fines associated with non-manifested packages. Retailers can activate these forms for any carrier that supports them, if the shipment is booked via EasyPost.


Offline catalog

Retailers can now enable storing a local, offline version of the catalog to look up products and validate SKUs and barcodes when submitting them in the app offline. See Enabling offline catalogs .

Store transfers to move inventory from other stock locations

Stores can now initiate transfers from stock locations other than Main, to other stores or warehouses. See Store-initiated transfers .

Improved notifications and error messaging in the app

The app now displays improved notifications for an associate when generating and printing receipts for an order. Also, when a partial payment has been made for an order, the app displays a warning that the payment will not be reverted if the associate tries to cancel the order.

Miscellaneous retailer-specific app extensions

Release v1.24.2

Release date: November 3, 2022

Bug fixes

The app can now print receipts from order history when personal data anonymization is used.

Release v1.24.1

Release date: November 2, 2022

Bug fixes

The app now accepts the local currency when operating from stores based in Ireland.

Release v1.24.0

Release date: October 26, 2022


Additional payment fields when printing receipts

Retailers can add metadata from Adyen, such as Application ID (AID), POS Entry Mode, and Auth code when printing receipts. This metadata may be required by card schemes, so NewStore recommends including this metadata in the receipt templates.

UI improvements

  • Based on feedback from users, the list of available payment devices or terminals are displayed before displaying the option to scan a QR code of the payment device using the app.

  • New icons improve the user experience of the app.

Tap to Pay on iPhone on iPhone SDK

This addition improves the speed of payment transaction in the app.

Czech language support

The app now supports translations to Czech.

The legacy printing framework is only supported in English and will be translated in an upcoming release.

Bug fixes

  • Item notes display the correct currency symbol for all currencies.
  • Integrated cash drawers in the app work correctly even when the associate has switched the language to Czech.
  • Sales receipts can now be printed as soon as an order is placed.

Release v1.23.0

Release date: October 13, 2022


Enhanced product warranty information

Retailers can now extend the warranty information for products displayed in the app, such as the type of warranty, number of redemptions, and redemption limits.

We recommend limiting the warranty information fields so that the UI of the app is not affected.

Improved error handling for Terminal API network errors

If a network error occurs during a payment transaction, the app checks for the transaction status multiple times to recover the status of the payment. If the payment transaction fails due to network issues, the app displays an improved error message for the associate.

Bug fixes

  • Associates are now logged out of the app and asked for login credentials or the PIN when logging back in again.
  • The UI label for the button to print a receipt changes to Receipt printed after the associate prints the receipt.
  • Offline orders, with default tax rates assigned to the order, can now be submitted via the app .
  • Loyalty rewards for customers are now available for retailers using the new customer profile UI in the app.
  • Associates can now again print gift receipts via the app.

Release v1.22.0

Release date: September 28, 2022


Tap to Pay on iPhone improvements

  • The UI label in the app for the Tap to Pay payment option has been updated to Tap to Pay on iPhone to provide clarity to associates and comply with Apple guidelines.

  • Tap to Pay on iPhone is now available as a payment option on iPhone XR.

    Supported from
    This feature is supported from v1.22.0.

Bug fixes

  • When using Offline Mode in the app, asosicates can correctly apply default tax rates for items in the order.
  • Refunds are processed correctly for exchanges for orders for which manage approval is enabled, and the exchange is not refunded twice.
  • The app displays a clearer error message when an invalid coupon is applied to an order.
  • Integrated cash drawers can be used with the app on devices running on iOS 16.

Release v1.21.0

Release date: September 14, 2022

Upcoming Features

Creating inventory transfers from stores

Supported from
This feature is supported from v1.21.0.

Associates can now create transfers in Associate App. They can either complete the transfer with shipping details using Fulfillment App, or without shipping details via manual delivery.

Bug fixes

  • When enabling the new order management UI in the app, correct order IDs and return reasons for refunds are displayed
  • Retailer-specific bug fixes
  • When redeeming loyalty rewards, the app no longer displays an error when opening an external companion app correctly
  • When creating a cart in Offline Mode, associates can update the tax rate even when the default tax rate is set to zero
  • Manager approval rules now also apply to orders where an external payment method has been used
  • Printer management is no longer available when airPrint only mode is enabled in the app
  • The profile ID for a customer is not requested by the app via an API call when the profile ID is null or empty

Release v1.20.1

Release date: September 3, 2022

Bug fixes

Loyalty reward programs configured for specific customers now work and loyalty rewards can be redeemed successfully.

Release v1.20.0

Release date: August 31, 2022

Bug fixes

  • Blind returns now work as expected even when the new UI for customer profiles is enabled in the app.
  • When adding a new printer in the app, tapping outside the dialog box does not cause an error.

Release v1.19.0

Release date: August 17, 2022


Customer name and billing address available on gift receipts

The gift receipt template can now be configured to display the customer's name and billing address. This helps recipients know who gave them the gift.

To customize templates for gift receipts, see Customizing templates or see this guide .

Default tax rate for when the app is offline

When using offline mode, the tax rate applied to each product in the offline cart is automatically populated with a default tax rate. The default tax rate can be configured globally or for specific stores.

NewStore recommends the tax rate to be configured at the store level to improve accuracy. Associates can still change the default tax rate if required for a specific region or store. If no default tax rate is configured for both the store and globally, NewStore treats the tax rate is 0. See Creating a shopping cart offline .

This feature saves time for the associates and increases the accuracy of the tax collected by the retailer when the app is offline.

Bug fixes

  • Using the camera for manager approvals no longer causes the app to crash.
  • The app uses the correct printer when printing certain documents that have been configured to use specific printers.
  • Extra lines are no longer printed on some document templates.
  • The product scanner no longer freezes on when the app starts.
  • Saved carts now retail the name of the customer that the cart was assigned to.
  • Documents printed with a Star printer now prints the entire page.
  • When using an external OMS, return reason codes are now applied only to the items being returned

Release v1.18.1

Release date: August 9, 2022

Bug fixes

Refunds now do not fail when associates process refunds for some returns or exchanges.

Release v1.18.0

Release date: August 3, 2022


Extended attribute enhancements for order items

NewStore Associate App now allows extended attributes for order items to be customized and controlled based on a sibling attribute that matches with the product attribute data.

Retailers can now also control the length of extended attribute values that can be added to a an order or order items.

For more information, see Configuring extended attributes in NewStore Associate App .

Displaying stock on hand on the Product Details screen

For retailers using NewStore as inventory master in their stores, the stock on hand value for a product is displayed on the Product Details screen instead of ATP. This allows associates to more accurately determine product inventory available in the store.

For more information, see the guide .

Payment details and status of items for external OMS orders

For retailers using an external OMS, associates can view the payment details and the current status for items in an order in the Purchase Detail screen in the app.

This allows retailers to choose the right refund option when processing returns.

Bug fixes

  • The loading spinner for the Add to Cart button does not load indefinitely.
  • Associates can now print shipping labels without errors via the app.
  • The phone number for the store is now displayed on the printed gift receipts.

Release v1.17.0

Release date: 20 July, 2022


Improved display of taxes in the cart

To avoid confusion, taxes displayed in the cart screen in NewStore Associate App now have a Included in total price label if the tax amount is included in the price (VAT).

Tax Exemption disabled for countries where fiscal regulations apply

For stores in countries where fiscal regulations apply, tax exemption is disabled by default. Associates in these stores can no longer choose to exempt tax on an order during checkout in NewStore Associate App.

Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

  • The Offline Mode suggestion banner no longer appears in the app for generic cart errors.

  • Creating a customer without adding a phone number no longer results in an error.

  • When searching for a customer, the app displays the first and last names, phone number, and email address.

  • Associates can now retry adding a gift card after entering a wrong pin for the gift card in the first attempt.

  • When trying to resolve validation errors for products in Offline Mode, the price entered by the associate is displayed instead of the current selling price of an item in the offline cart.

  • Associates can no longer tap Proceed twice when completing a checkout using the payment option Tap to Pay. A loading indicator is displayed after tapping Proceed, instead of an error.


    Tap to Pay has not been enabled in NewStore Associate App for retailers yet.

Release v1.16.1

Release date: 6 July, 2022


The icon for the new payment method Tap to Pay in NewStore Associate App has been updated. With this change, the payment method is now compliant with Apple's human interface guidelines.


Tap to Pay has not been enabled in NewStore Associate App for retailers yet.

Release v1.16.0

Release date: 5 July, 2022

New Features

Editable extended attributes for order items

Retailers can now enable associates to add information to order items in NewStore Associate App in the form of extended attributes. Associates can use this feature to add business-specific information to items via NewStore Associate App, such as custom engraving on the item, which are then sent to NewStore Omnichannel Manager.

For more information, see the guide .

Displaying extended product attributes

Retailers can now enable NewStore Associate App to display extended attributes for products in their business. Such extended product attributes can provide associates with extra information, such as the material an item is made out of.

For more information, see the guide .


Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

  • The email address of the customer is now pre-populated when sending email receipts via the app.
  • The app no longer crashes when using a gift card as the second payment option for an order.
  • The cart overview for an offline cart now displays the correct currency.
  • A deactivated fiscal cash register system no longer prevents printer deletion in the app.
  • An option to add item discounts is no longer displayed in the cart management screen when itemDiscount has not been configured as a cart plugin. See Configuring cart management plugins .

Release v1.15.0

Release date: 22 June, 2022

New Features

Editable extended attributes for orders

Retailers can now enable associates to add information to orders in NewStore Associate App in the form of extended attributes. Associates can use this feature to add business-specific information to orders, such as custom notes, gift messages, and more, which are then sent to NewStore Omnichannel Manager.

For more information, see the guide .


Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

  • When restoring a saved cart, products and other details, such as discounts added to the cart, are also restored.
  • When adding items to the cart for blind returns, the button to add multiple quantities of items is no longer displayed in the app.
  • When printing return receipts, the app asks the associate to retry printing receipts if the first attempt was unsuccessful.

Release v1.14.0

Release date: 8 June, 2022


Item quantity

Associates can now specify the quantity when adding multiple items of the product to the cart during scanning or when selecting a product from the catalog. For more information, See Creating a shopping cart .

Italian and Spanish

Associates can now use the core NewStore Associate App in Italian and Spanish.

Disabling contact options

Retailers can disable the options to contact customers via NewStore Associate App in the customer profile screen in Customers, using the NewStore Associate App configuration API. see Disabling contact options .

Loyalty reward redemption restricted to loyalty customers

Loyalty reward redemption is now limited to only customers enrolled in the loyalty program. The reward redemption is disabled for all other customers.

Bug fixes

Miscellaneous retailer specific bug fixes.

Release v1.13.0

Release date: 25 May, 2022


Loyalty rewards integration

Retailers can now integrate their loyalty rewards system as an external application with NewStore Associate App, to allow associates to apply loyalty related discounts to orders via a deeplink URL within NewStore Associate App.

For more information, see Configuring loyalty rewards on Associate App or the broader integration guide for external applications.

Cart plugins

Retailers can now use the NewStore Associate App configuration API to manage plugins that control options available to associates in the More > Manage Cart screen. see Configuring cart management plugins .

Configuring NewStore Checkout

Retailers can now use the configuration API to provide associates with different options to send a payment link to the customer when associates choose NewStore Checkout to receive payment for an order. See the guide .

For retailers that operate in countries where fiscal regulations apply, associates for a store can view and manage printers set up specifically for printing fiscal documents. See Configuring printers using the legacy framework .

Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

  • Associates can manually add customer addresses when NewStore Associate App cannot automatically complete or load the address details.
  • Associates can submit offline orders created in a previous version of NewStore Associate App, even after an upgrading to a later version of the app.

Release v1.12.0

Release date: 11 May, 2022


Offline mode enhancements

  • NewStore Associate App now validates offline orders when uploading from the device to the NewStore platform. If an order contains an invalid barcode, the offline order remains on the device for associates to identify and resolve the issue. Associates can scan or enter the correct product barcode and re-upload the order.
  • Offline Mode in NewStore Associate App can now be launched directly from the quick launch screen of the device. The offline banner will only notify the associate that the device has no internet connection, and not provide a button to directly switch to Offline Mode in the app. This allows retailers to decide when they want associates to use Offline Mode.

Email opt-in

NewStore Associate App now allows customers to opt in for marketing emails and accept the privacy policy provided by your business. For more information, see Enabling email opt-in in NewStore Associate App .

Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

  • Manager approvals can now no longer be bypassed for orders with 0 value.
  • When an associate is re-assigned to another store, the cart is cleared to prevent invalid currencies being assigned to the cart.

Release v1.11.0

Release date: 20 April, 2022


  • Extended attributes are now sent to Vertex for tax calculations during blind returns.
  • Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

  • Retailers can now transact with products that have / in their names.
  • An existing remote cart for a customer is no longer removed when the associate assigns the same customer to another regular cart in the app.

Release v1.10.2

Release date: 11 April, 2022

Bug fixes

When sending clienteling messages to customers, associates can now again add valid links to products from the product detail page in the app.

Release v1.10.1

Release date: 7 April, 2022


Additional logging capabilities have been added to the Adyen Terminal API integration to help identify possible causes for duplicate and rejected payment processing requests.

Release v1.10.0

Release date: 6 April, 2022


  • To maintain fiscal compliance in France, Norway and Sweden, reprinting return receipts from order history in the app has been disabled.
  • Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

  • After adding an item to a remote cart, the keyboard no longer appears, and you can tap the relevant buttons to select delivery options for the item.
  • A blank screen no longer appears when associates scan an item to add it to the remote cart.
  • Reprints of sale and exchange receipts now correctly display COPY on the top of the receipts. This is required for complying with fiscal regulations in Sweden and Norway.

Release v1.9.2

Release date: 30 March 2022

Bug fixes

Support for the following currencies have now been added to about cash management in NewStore Associate App:

  • South Korea - South Korean won
  • Hong Kong - Hong Kong dollar
  • Taiwan - New Taiwan dollar

Release v1.9.1

Release date: 23 March 2022

Bug fixes

Associates can apply valid and enabled coupons in the app successfully again.

Release v1.9.0

Release date: 21 March 2022


Configurations in NewStore Associate App

Retailers can now enable extensions in NewStore Associate App to provide special pricing for products to customers that are part of membership plans or subscriptions.

Retailers can now use the configuration API to enable switching from a live environment to test mode in NewStore Associate App and back. see Testing app features .

When Checking product stock levels in the app, warehouses are displayed before stores by default.

For more information on these extensions, see Configuring customizations in NewStore Associate App . These configurations can be set programmatically by an API. See the configuration API.

Refunds for orders from an external OMS

When the retailer is using an external order management system for their business, Original Payment Method (External) is displayed along with other refund options for orders in the app. This allows the external OMS to process the refund.

This refund option is not available when the retailer does not use an external OMS.

Mixed-currency exchanges are now blocked in the app

Associates now cannot process exchanges for orders when items being returned have a different currency than the currency that the store is using. Associates will be prompted to create a separate order for the sale.

For example, a customer cannot go to a store in Berlin that uses EUR as the standard currency, to exchange an item bought with USD.

Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

  • Customers can now print a test page when setting up label printers in their stores.

  • No notifications were displayed when an invalid coupon code was added during checkout, and the app also removed all automatic discounts and prevented associates from applying manual discounts to the cart.

    Associates now see an error message in the app when an invalid coupon code is added during checkout. Automatic promotions are not removed and manual discounts can be applied to the cart.

  • Returns for external orders no longer fail due to the original ID for the item not being entered in the app, when an external OMS is used by the retailer.

Release v1.8.0

Release date: 7 March 2022


NewStore Associate App v1.8.0 is only supported on iOS 14 and later. For more information, See Hardware and software support .


Configurations in NewStore Associate App

Retailers can now enable extensions in NewStore Associate App to print gift receipts, print hang tags, and require a PIN for gift card payments during checkout. For more information, see Configuring customizations in NewStore Associate App .

Retailers can also configure the logo displayed in NewStore Associate App programmatically via an API. See the configuration API.

Automatic promotions

Retailers can now view automatic promotions, if enabled for their business, in a revamped Manage Discounts screen in NewStore Associate App. These promotions are managed via NewStore Omnichannel Manager, and are applied automatically to products or the whole cart during checkout.

Multi-page receipts

Retailers can now print receipts that have multiple pages. For example, retailers can generate a receipt snippet for the store as a separate page.

Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

Customers are not sent an email receipt when an offline order is not uploaded due to a wrong payload response.

Release v1.7.0

Release date: 7 February 2022

New Features

Remote Selling

As part of clienteling operations via NewStore Associate App, associates can now create and share a remote cart with a customer via SMS. The customer can also view the remote cart details, and pay via NewStore Checkout to complete the checkout. For more information, see Working with remote carts .

Product warranty information

Retailers can now integrate NewStore Associate App with an external warranty system to provide warranty information and warranty expiration date for a purchased product. Associates can use this information while processing returns, exchanges, or repair requests from customers.

App usage analytics

NewStore Associate App now uses Amplitude to capture and track information on app usage, device and iOS information, and the screens that users access when using the app. Collecting analytics allows NewStore to collect quantitative data to measure and improve usage of the app.


Whitelist the domain to allow NewStore to collect app usage data. For information, See Prerequisites .


  • Added support for printing in Korean and Chinese.
  • For retailers using an external OMS, associates can now search in NewStore Associate App for orders placed in the external OMS to process returns for customers.
  • Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Bug fixes

  • Users with an expired PIN are redirected to the PIN entry screen instead of the login page.
  • Incorrect VAT amount reflected on uploaded offline orders in the platform.
  • The final sale attribute is not translated.
  • Associates cannot print hang tag labels through the app.
  • The Add to Cart button is missing in some situations.
  • Error message is not displayed when a NewStore Checkout link cannot be sent to the customer.

Release v1.6.4

Release date: 27 January, 2022


Miscellaneous updates for retailer specific extensions.

Release v1.6.3

Release date: 24 January, 2022

Bug fixes

The Cart button is not disabled for products without a price.


Loyalty app extension: Enables NewStore Associate App to be extended to display customer loyalty data, such as the membership number, loyalty tier, and balance points for the customer profile.

Release v1.6.3

Release date: 24 January, 2022

Bug fixes

The Cart button is not disabled for products without a price


Loyalty app extension: Enables NewStore Associate App to be extended to display customer loyalty data, such as the membership number, loyalty tier, and balance points for the customer profile.

Release v1.6.2

Release date: 12 January, 2022

Bug fixes

  • Wrong price displayed for printing tags
  • Tax calculation in Offline Mode is not consistent if the tax rate contains more than 2 digits after the decimal.
  • The app stalls when switching to test or live mode twice, and the associate has to reinstall the app to resume operations.
  • Miscellaneous fixes for retailer-specific extensions

NewStore Fulfillment App


The NewStore Fulfillment App has reached its end of life (EOL) now. Instead, use the NewStore Associate App for inventory operations.

For more information on managing inventory operations, see Using NewStore Associate App to manage inventory .

Release v1.9.25

Release date: 17 October, 2022


NewStore Fulfillment App v1.9.25 is only supported on iOS 15 and later.

Barcode scanning improvements for inventory

  • The scan view for products is now improved.
  • App provides audio and haptic feedback on successful and failed scans for all inventory transactions.
  • When you have multiple barcodes other than EAN or UPC in the scanning view, the scanner continues to scan without pausing even if it failed to scan a barcode from the lot.

Release v1.9.24

Release date: 05 August, 2022

Barcode scanning improvements

App improvements for scanning products.


If you do not have issues with scanning products, you can skip this update.

Release v1.9.23

Release date: 27 June, 2022

Barcode scanning improvements

Every time an associate scans the barcode of a product, the app scans it once and emits a beep sound.

Release v1.9.22

Release date: 15 February, 2022

Bug fixes

Scanning issues with some barcode types have been resolved.

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