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Platform updates

Contains information about changes and updates to the NewStore platform, including NewStore Omnichannel Cloud.

September 2023

Third-party promotion engine

Retailers can now use a third-party promotion engine to set up and manage discounts and promotions in their business. The discounts and promotions you set up in the third-party promotion engine are applied to the order or cart in Associate App automatically.


You cannot use the native promotion engine at NewStore if you decide to use a third-party promotion engine to manage your discounts and promotions.

For more information, see Integrating a third-party promotion engine .

Single Sign-On self-service

NewStore has now enabled retailers to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) for access and management of NewStore apps and authentication through your preferred identity provider via self-service.


NewStore currently supports these identity providers: Google, Okta or Microsoft.

After configuration, your users can log into the NewStore apps using their existing accounts from one of the above service providers. This change does not affect the current login experience for your users.

For more information on configuring and managing SSO, see this guide .

API Client Self-Service

API Client self-service is a new process of accessing NewStore APIs. It uses industry best practices and makes connecting to our API methods easier and safer. To get started, follow the process documentation here.

Sales metrics in Associate App

  • This is an Early Access to the Sales Dashboard feature so expect some enhancements in the upcoming releases.

  • Retailers can only enable the Sales Dashboard globally across all the stores in their business, and not for individual stores.

Associates in the store can now view detailed metrics on sales and business performance in the Sales Dashboard within Associate App. The dashboard automatically displays data for the current day based on the store's local timezone. The dashboard also allows associates and store managers to view the sales performance of their store.

Supported from
This feature is supported from Associate App v1.36.0 or later.

Currently, the dashboard has been enabled for all retailers in their Staging environment for testing and training purposes. To view the sales dashboard, in Associate App, tap Selling > More > Sales Dashboard.

The sales dashboard is configured and ready to be activated on your production environment as a customization component. You can choose when to enable it for your business, see Using NewStore Associate App for sales metrics .

August 2023

Tax exemption improvements

Retailers can now configure custom tax exemption class mappings, which allows them to exempt certain taxes by creating custom tax rules with tax providers (Avalara AvaTax or Vertex). For more information on enabling the new tax exemption functionality and setting up tax exemption class mapping for a tax provider, see the new tax exemption configuration guide .

Retailers can also retrieve the tax exemption information by using the Taxes Integration API. For more information on retrieving the tax exemption information, see the tax transaction integration guide .

New fulfillment routing configuration

You can now use 2 new APIs, the Routing ruleset API and Service levels API to set up your fulfillment configuration. This new version of fulfillment configuration gives you more flexibility around updating or tweaking your fulfillment strategy, with efficient usage of location groups and zip code regions.


You will still need to use the legacy fulfillment configuration API to set up provider rates and their priority.

For more information, see the tutorial .

Support for Tap to Pay on iPhone in the UK

NewStore now supports using Tap to Pay on iPhone as a payment method in the UK. Customers can now use this payment method to pay for orders during the checkout process in Associate App in stores in the UK.

For more information, see Setting up Tap to Pay on iPhone .

June 2023

Puerto Rico fiscal support

As part of improved internationalization support, retailers can now operate on the NewStore platform in Puerto Rico, in compliance with the Puerto Rican tax agency’s fiscal regulations.

May 2023

NewStore supports custom tax calculations

NewStore partners with leading tax providers that specialize in tax compliance, so the retailers can efficiently manage their taxes. However, if the retail business opts not to use Avalara and Vertex, our custom tax provider enables the retailer to calculate taxes and transmit the information back to NewStore during the checkout process.

NewStore supports AvaTax API v2 connector

NewStore is now integrated with the latest Avalara AvaTax API v2 connector.

All retailers using Avalara have been migrated on AvaTax API v2 connector automatically. For retailers with custom implementations of AvaTax API v1 interface, the tax strategy configuration has been updated from avalara to custom. No further action is needed as your implementations will be fully operational.

For more information, see Configuring settings for Avalara integration and also the Tax calculation API.

March 2023

Automatic promotions are now excluded from manager approval

Like coupons, associates now do not need an explicit approval in Associate App for automatic promotions to be applied.

For more information, see Managing order approvals .

January 2023

Gift card cashout and balance checks

Retailers can now enable associates to check the available balance on a gift card and offer a cashout amount to customers against the gift card balance via Associate App. See Cashing out a gift card .

These gift card cashout transactions are also displayed in Omnichannel Manager in payment transaction reports. See Monitoring cash transactions .

Capacity-based routing

Retailers can now specify capacity-based routing limits for orders to be fulfilled by stores, allowing stores to not be overwhelmed with orders and missing delivery expectations. For example, you can decide to route orders for fulfillment to stores only during the open hours of business, such as from 8 am till 6 pm.

This feature allows retailers to control how much time associates spend fulfilling orders in the store, and monitor fulfillment operations across stores in their business. For more information, see

Managing capacity-based routing for stores .

Warehouse returns

Retailers can now override the static return fee when using the warehouse returns API. This allows changing the return value for things like large item returns that require special handling, or items returned in used condition.

November 2022

Italy fiscal support

As part of improved internationalization support, retailers can now operate on the NewStore platform in Italy, in compliance with the Italian tax agency’s regulations for fiscal transactions with Epson RT printers. For more information, see Fiscal regulations in Italy .

Fiscal country matrix

A fiscal country matrix is now available in the documentation to provide an overview of all the fiscal countries that NewStore operates in, and how compliance with fiscal regulations can be achieved in each of them. See Fiscal country matrix .

October 2022

Sequence of applying manual discounts

Discounts applied to an order are applied now in the following sequence:

  1. Discounts on items are applied first.
  2. Discounts on orders are applied next.

For more information, see About discounts and promotions .

A new property added to inventory_count.items_counted event

The inventory_count.items_counted event now contains the delta property for the cycle count. This enables NewStore to communicate difference in the cycle count to an ERP.

For more information, see the Event stream webhooks and Inventory documentation.

September 2022

External item IDs added to Event-Stream return-processed events

The return.processed event now contains the external_item_id property for returned items, which enables the NewStore platform to match the internal order ID with an external order.

For more information, see Event stream webhooks

Support for Tap to Pay on iPhone

NewStore now supports Tap to Pay on iPhone as a payment option during checkout in Associate App, for stores operating in the US. For more information, see Setting up Tap to Pay on iPhone .

August 2022

Enhanced support for serial numbers in the Event Stream

The Event Stream now emits an order.serial_numbers_added event to support serial numbers assigned arbitrarily to order items via the Add serial numbers to order items method.

See the Event stream webhooks documentation for more information on the event.

July 2022

Improved printer support

NewStore now supports the Star TSP143IVUE (with LAN connectivity) printer to print receipts in the store. For a full list of supported printers, See Hardware support .

Poland fiscal support

As part of improved internationalization support, retailers can now operate NewStore in Poland in compliance with the Polish tax agency’s regulations for fiscal transactions. For more information, see Fiscal regulations in Poland .

June 2022

Colorado retail delivery fee

NewStore now provides support for the retail delivery fee imposed on all deliveries that are shipped to an address in Colorado, USA. This fee is automatically provided by the tax partner and displayed on the receipt for the order.

Okta SSO support

NewStore now supports Okta as an integrated identity provider for SSO. Retailers can now integrate Okta for user authentication in NewStore.

For more information, see the guide .

May 2022

Auto-archiving clienteling messages

NewStore now auto-archives clienteling messages based on certain conditions, which helps prioritize the most relevant clienteling conversations for associates.

For more information, see the guide .

April 2022

External payments and refunds

Associates can now perform checkout operations in NewStore Associate App that involve using payment or refund options that have not been integrated into the NewStore platform. These payment or refund options are also not integrated with a PSP that the platform currently supports, such as Adyen or Square.

For more information, see the business process documentation or NewStore Associate App guide .

March 2022

External order IDs for blind returns

NewStore has added external order IDs to return events to identify external orders, which are selected for refunds with a blind return. The external order IDs have been added only to the return.processed and payment_account.amount_refunded events.

For more information about these events, see Return lifecycle BPM and Refunding the payment or revoking authorization , or the Event Stream.

Automatic promotions

Retailers can now use NewStore Omnichannel Manager to set up automatic promotions based on fixed discount amounts for their business. For more information, see Creating automatic promotions .

February 2022

Automatic promotions

Retailers can now use NewStore Omnichannel Manager to set up automatic promotions for their business. Once enabled and running, these promotions are automatically applied to relevant products in NewStore Associate App during checkout.

For more information, see the business process guide or NewStore Omnichannel Manager documentation .

Remote selling via clienteling

Retailers can now use the remote selling feature via NewStore Associate App to enhance their clienteling operations across stores in their business.

Associates can now use NewStore Associate App to:

  • Create a remote cart that can be shared with the customers via SMS
  • Modify a remote cart to add or remove products, provide discounts, and add shipping details

With remote selling via NewStore Associate App, customers can:

  • View cart details shared with them, such as products, taxes, discounts, total prices, and so on
  • Pay remotely via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and credit card
  • Access a personal remote cart that can be viewed at any time, which is updated in real-time based on orders placed
  • Automatically receive payment receipts immediately after paying for an order

For more information, see Working with remote carts .

Retrying transfer shipments

Associates can now retry shipping for a wider range of shipping errors that occur in NewStore Fulfillment App, while transferring inventory to other locations.

Norway fiscal support

As part of improved internationalization support, retailers can now operate NewStore in Norway in compliance with the Norwegian tax agency’s regulations for cash registers. For more information, see Fiscal regulations in Norway .

January 2022

New field for Event Stream idempotency keys

A new revision field in the order.items_on_hold event payload in the Event Stream now allows retailers to differentiate between different events emitted by the NewStore platform.

The revision field helps retailers identify specific orders when a number of orders are placed on hold by the platform. For more information on the order.items_on_hold event, see the Publish event method.

Deprecation notices

Contains information about product deprecation notices from NewStore.

Sept 2023

Deprecation of NewStore Fulfillment App

NewStore Fulfillment App is now end of life and we don't provide any further support on the app. All retailers using this app have been migrated successfully to NewStore Associate App.

For more information on managing inventory operations, see Using NewStore Associate App to manage inventory .

May 2023

Deprecation of the PUT tenant tax configurations v1 API

The tenant tax configuration replacement function through the PUT API has been deprecated and is not supported anymore by NewStore. Similar function can be performed through the PATCH Partially update tenant configuration method.

April 2023

End of Life Notice for NewStore Customer Profile v0 API

Customer Profile API "v0" will reach the End of Live (EOL) by 1 December 2023. Ensure that you update your integrations to use the newer version of the API before that date.

After the EOL date, the "v0" API will no longer be available and requests made to it will fail. We recommend using the latest stable version of the API to ensure the best performance and compatibility with our platform.

You can find the latest stable version (v1) of the API in the API documentation.

For more information about the changes and improvements introduced in the newer API version(s), please refer to the API documentation and the migration guide .

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the support team or your point of contact at NewStore.

March 2023

End of Life Notice for NewStore Checkout with Web Drop-in

The web drop-in version of NewStore Checkout will be deprecated at the end of Q1, 31 March 2023. NO new functionalities will be added to the NewStore Checkout version that uses the web drop-in configuration. Critical bug fixes will be addressed depending on each case.

Existing customers who are currently using the existing web drop-in configuration can do so until 30 September 2023, after which it is EOL for existing configurations, and NewStore will offer no further support.

We recommend switching to the updated NewStore Checkout version using Adyen Pay by Link immediately. Follow the instructions in this guide to migrate to the new version of NewStore Checkout.

November 2022

End of Support for Staging Cluster 2022.12.31 (EOSL)

Release date: November, 2022

What’s happening on December 31 2022

Benefits of using the new cluster

  • Staging environment reflects the exact ecosystem we run in production
  • More reliability, as we are adding more automation to our monitoring and alerting systems
  • Much faster and more stable UAT
  • Identical SLA on Staging and Production

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