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Integrating an external app with Associate App to retrieve data

If your business needs to retrieve data from an external mobile app or web application, such as customer data or loyalty reward coupons, NewStore allows you to integrate these applications with NewStore Associate App to fetch such data via deeplink URLs.

To set up NewStore Associate App to retrieve data from an external application or system, NewStore Associate App must be able to communicate with the external app via deeplink URLs. In this setup, NewStore sends required data via a deeplink URL, then waits for a response from the external application via another deeplink URL.

NewStore has a set of integration points that your external application can communicate with to receive and send back data. These integration points are specified in the NewStore Associate App configuration API, within the external_integration property.

For example, you can specify that loyalty reward points can be accessed in NewStore Associate App via a deeplink URL that retrieves data from your external loyalty system.

Schema for integration points and deeplink URL

These integration points can send and retrieve required data via the following mechanism:

Integration pointData sentCallback actionQuery parametersAvailable in app version
cart.more.loyaltyProgramCart detailsapplyCoupons
  • coupons[]
  • cartId
v1.13.0 and later

When setting up the deeplink URL for your external application in NewStore Associate App, follow this URL schema to ensure that NewStore Associate App can send and retrieve data correctly:

  • Protocol: com.newstore.associate-one://
  • Domain: Name of the integration point, such as cart.more.loyaltyProgram
  • Path: Callback action, based on the integration point, such as applyCoupons
  • QueryParams: Based on the integration point and the associated action. For example, for cart.more.loyaltyProgram/applyCoupons, the value can be coupons[]=first_code&coupons[]=second_code.....

NewStore also assigns a 32-bit security token for each deeplink URL for authentication purposes. The external app must pass this token back as part of the queryParams segment in the URL.

See the following example for the complete format for a callback URL:


After you have set up the configuration to retrieve data from the external application(s), in the request payload for the Update App configuration method, use the external_integration property to specify the required details to enable NewStore Associate App to retrieve the data.

Currently, NewStore only supports retrieving loyalty reward data from an external system. For more information, see Configuring loyalty rewards on Associate App .

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