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Welcome to NewStore API Explorer

Our API offering includes two major sets of APIs. Our foundational NewStore APIs help you set up the platform and begin transacting. We are gradually rolling out the next generation of our Omnichannel APIs, which currently include Platform Identity Management and Customers Profiles; these can be found in the explorer below.

NewStore APIs

Use these foundational resources to integrate and configure NewStore and related features with your business.

Our Next Generation Omnichannel APIs

Explore a modern toolkit to interact with NewStore, including SDKs, an improved authentication mechanism, and a brand new API code playground to test your APIs.

With the Omnichannel APIs, NewStore is transitioning to its next generation of API offering by gradually releasing new versions of the NewStore APIs. Feel free to explore the new possibilities at your own pace. Our comprehensive documentation is available to assist you whenever you decide to make the shift.