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Configuration APIs

Our APIs empower you to tailor and optimize various features, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for your users. Dive into the capabilities of our configuration APIs across key areas.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the configuration APIs. Click on each respective API to access further details.

See also: Integration APIs, Webhooks

Inventory and fullfillment

Fine-tune your inventory strategies and fulfillment processes with granular control over stock management and order fulfillment using the following APIs:

Associate (Deprecated) (0.1)Handle internal operations that manage fulfillment orders routed to a store. Please note that this API is deprecated.
DC Fulfillment Node ConfigurationDefine and update URLs and API keys for warehouse integrations
Delivery Options ConfigurationManage provider rate configurations and getting offers from carriers
ConfigurationManage inventory and fulfillment options configurations
Logistic Order ConfigurationManage order cancellation policy configurations, routing policies, and shipment configurations
Stock ConfigurationConfigure the time (in seconds), after which a reservation expires in the NewStore platform

Fulfillment requests

Streamline and customize fulfillment requests, providing flexibility in managing and prioritizing order fulfillment using the following APIs:

Shipping Rules ConfigurationManage the configuration for uploading order routing rules via spreadsheet
Fulfillment Request ConfigurationManage configurations related to updating the status of fulfillment requests in an order via NOM

Order management

Take charge of your order processing workflows, customizing the journey from placement to fulfillment with ease using the following APIs:

Availability ConfigurationRetrieve ATP information from an external order management system
Capacity-based RoutingControl the amount of routing based on the capacity of each distribution center
NOM ConfigurationGet, create and update NOM configurations
Order InjectionConfigure and manage order injection process
Order Status NotificationManage notification options for order related events
Refund Request ServiceManage notification options for order related events
Sales Order ConfigurationManage external OMS, sales orders, and external order webhook configurations
Shipment Notification ConfigurationManage notification options for shipment related events


Tailor the checkout experience to meet your specific requirements, optimizing user interactions and increasing conversion rates using the following APIs:

Checkout ConfigurationConfigure and manage checkout process in the NewStore platform. This includes manager approvals, enabling automatic promotions, refunds, and more in the platform.
Financial Communication ConfigurationConfigure notifications and financial communications that are sent from the NewStore platform to your customers
Financial Documents ConfigurationConfigure financial documents generated via the NewStore platform for your business operations
In-store PickupA temporary API to manage the shipping option token private key as a secret in the in-store pickup service
Item Return ConfigurationConfigure return window, return fee, and shipping costs to handle product returns


Configure payment methods, ensuring secure and efficient transaction processing using the following APIs:

Payment ConfigurationManage payment configurations such as Adyen, cash drawer, FAT PSP, gift card, and more payment-related options
Square CredentialsConfigure and administer the square payment app credentials

Associate App, NOM, and Printers

Harness the power of customization by configuring the Associate App, printers, and leveraging the Omnichannel Manager to create a unified brand experience across channels using the following APIs:

Address Search OperationsSearch and complete addresses in the Associate App
Associate App ConfigurationRetrieve and update the current configuration for Associate App set up for your business
Associate App Customization ConfigurationRetrieve and update the current customization configuration for NewStore Associate App set up for your business
ConfigurationAdd and change configurations of Team Web Platform's services
PrintersRetrieve, create, update, or delete printers for stores in your business

Fiscalization and Taxes

Stay compliant by configuring fiscalization and tax-related settings, ensuring adherence to regional regulations using the following APIs:

Store Tax ConfigurationSet up tax calculation configuration for specific stores in your business
Tenant Tax ConfigurationSet tenant level tax configuration


Craft and fine-tune promotional campaigns with precision, offering targeted discounts and incentives to enhance user engagement using the following APIs:

(Deprecated) Promotions Configuration API (1.0.0)Manage promotions for use by retailers and SI partners with NewStore