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Webhooks allow you to retrieve and store data from events that you have configured for your application.

Listed below are the webhooks for your reference. Click on each to access detailed information.

See also: Integration APIs, Configuration APIs

External AvailabilityRequests availability information for a given list of products for a list of fulfillment locations.
Custom Tax ProviderCreates tax quotation for a given transaction.
Fulfillment ProviderCreates a new fulfillment request for your fulfillment provider to handle.
Shipping ProviderBooks new shipments, cancels shipments, and requests for shipping offers.
Shipping OptionsRequests provider rates configuration, including service level, provider name, and shipping offer price.
Payment ProviderCreates, captures, and manages payments.
Gift Card ProviderIssues gift card, activates, and manages gift card.
External OrderRequests purchase history and order details from an external system.
Event-StreamRetrieves information from NewStore that contains an event.