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Integration APIs

The API endpoints that allow you to integrate the NewStore platform with other components of your omnichannel ecosystem are organized in the following categories.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the integration APIs. Click on each respective API to access further details.

See also: Configuration APIs, Webhooks

Inventory management

Set up inventory magamement using the following APIs:

Inventory Manager

Adjustment ReasonsManage adjustment reasons
ConfigurationManage inventory configuration
ReceivingManage ASNs
CountingImport stock quantities to a stock location, create a count task
TransferringManage transfer orders, transfers, transfer shipping configurations


PackagesManage documents you want to print in your store

Stock Locations

Stock LocationsManage stock locations. Stock locations are virtual or physical locations that hold salable or unsalable stock. NewStore uses stock locations to manage inventory and calculate stock on hand in your store(s), when NewStore is enabled as inventory master for the store.
Stock on HandRetrieve stock quantities for products
Return Process ConfigurationManage return configuration for your business. This configuration enables you to include a returned item in the specified stock location in your store, using a condition code for the return.

Store Operations

EmployeesCreate, retrieve and update employee records
Printer LocationsRetrieve, update and delete printer locations of the store
PrintersCreate, update, retrieve and delete printers
StoresCreate, update, and retrieve stores

Event Stream and GraphQL

Monitor webhooks and verify data flow using the following APIs:

Event Stream ObservabilityMonitor existing event stream webhooks and S3 integrations
Data Provisioning GraphQL QueryQuery selected platform entities, such as orders, fulfillment requests, and payment transactions
Event Stream ConfigurationSet up and manage event stream integrations

Catalog and SFCC

Synchronize and manage your product catalog, ensuring consistency across platforms using the following APIs:

Pricebook ExportExport a specific price book
Product ExportExport products to a CSV file
Customer API (current)Retrieve categories, order history, products, product details, prices, locales, and shops
Customer API (experimental)Should not be used in production
Import DataManage import jobs, save import errors, list import chunks
Catalog Locale ManagerManage catalog imports of the SFCC NewStore Connector using the Catalog Locale Manager Service
NewStore SFCC IntegrationManage catalog export jobs, retrieve import job history, store OCAPI credentials, get routing and in-store pickup options, map configurations, and manage mapping scripts.


Manage shipping, routing rules and fulfillment history using the following APIs:

Delivery API
ConfigurationCreate shipping option tokens, manage carrier configuration for the tenant, configure customs signer, and manage the timeout for HTTP adapters in delivery service.
DeliveryCreate routing options, list shipments, book or cancel a delivery, and create a manifest.
TrackingUpdate shipment tracking details, and set shipment status
Support EndpointGet booking status
Shipping RulesUpload a CSV file describing routing rules
Fulfillment Config HistorySet or retrieve the previous revision of the fulfillment configuration
Capacity-based RoutingControl the amount of routing based on the capacity of each distribution center, retrieve the store capacity availability based on the configuration and the routed items in the last 48 hours.
Routing InsightsGet insights on routing and shipment details for orders being processed in the NewStore platform
Routing RulesetDefine and manage routing rules
Service LevelsOnce the routing rules are initialized, set the service levels

Order management

Control orders using the following APIs:

Availabilities ExportManage ATP exports globally or for a channel, manage fulfillment location groups for which you can start an ATP export
Customer Profile UpdatesUpdate the customer profile information for specified orders, add details to the order
Fulfillment ProviderAccept or reject fulfillment requests, retrieve and update the shipping status for a fulfillment request
Fulfillment RequestGet information about fulfillment requests and perform operations on them
Historical Order ImportImport historical orders, fetch historical order status
Item Return (0.1)Manage returns for an order
Item Return (0.2)Manage returns for an order
LocationRetrieve or update physical locations previously created
Fulfillment ConfigurationCreate, update, and retrieve fulfillment configurations
Manager Approval Rules (1.0.0)Create, retrieve, update or delete manager approval rules
Manager Approval Rules (0.1)Create, retrieve, update or delete manager approval rules
Order InjectionImport an order placed via an external system
Order NotesCreate, read, update and delete notes for orders or items
Order Information RetrievalRetrieve order related information by ID/type, view customer order history, cancel line items, and manage orders that are processed in the NewStore platform or via an external order management system.
Safety StockSet or retrieve safety stock
AvailabilitiesRetrieve the ATP for products across your fulfillment locations
Stock insightsRetrieve the reservations, current and future allocations for a product at a fulfillment node


Securely process payments, providing a frictionless transaction experience for your users, and manage payment related activities using the following APIs:

Cash DrawerRecord sale transactions using a cash drawer, or track the opening and closing of a cash drawer in the store.
Cash Drawer ReportsRetrieve cash reports that can be viewed in NOM
Cash SettingsConfigure cash transaction types
Payment Provider AsynchronousAllows integration adapters for asynchronuous PSPs to notify NewStore of updates for requested payment operations
Gift CardManage gift card operations, such as checking the balance on a card and activating cards
NewStore CheckoutEnable NewStore Checkout to pay for the cart created by an associate on NewStore Associate App
NewStore Checkout SecretsAllow storing secrets required by NewStore Checkout, such as ApplePay merchant identity certificate
Payment AccountsRetrieve information about a payment account
Payment OptionsRetrieve the configured payment and refund options for a specified store in your business
Troubleshoot PaymentTroubleshoot payment configurations
Adyen CredentialsStore Adyen integration credentials
Refund API (order level, deprecated)Create, list, and manage refunds
Refund API (item level)Create and manage refunds for specific items or all items of an order

Fiscalization and taxes

Ensure compliance with tax regulations and fiscal requirements effortlessly using the following APIs:

Taxes IntegrationCreate or retrieve tax transactions

Store fulfillment

Integrate store operations into your fulfillment strategy, optimizing resource allocation using the following APIs:

Documents ConfigurationManage document configurations
In-store PickupCreate and manage in-store pickup configurations
ReceiptsView receipts for a specific order, and download in PDF format

Omnichannel Manager

Unify the customer experience across various channels, creating a cohesive brand presence using the following APIs:

AssetsUpload assets and list assets from a tenant
Reason CodesCreate and manage reason codes
Template Service (2.0.0)Manage styles and templates

Discounts and promotions

Implement targeted marketing strategies and loyalty programs using the following APIs:

(Deprecated) Coupons (v0)Create and manage coupon definition, coupon, and templates
(Deprecated) Discount Rule API (v0)Create and manage discount rules
Automatic Promotions (1.0)Manage automatic promotions, such as creating, retrieving, or updating promotions
Promotions Configuration (1.0)Manage promotions configurations, such as retrieving, updating, or deleting the global exclusion lists
Coupons (1.0)Manage coupons, such as creating, retrieving, or updating coupons and coupon codes
Integration Configurations (1.0)Get and update integration configurations
Loyalty (1.0)Manage loyalty coupons and reward program coupon definitions for your business


Implement targeted marketing strategies and loyalty programs using the following APIs:

(Legacy) Customer Profile (v0)Manage automatic promotions, such as creating, retrieving, or updating promotions
(Legacy) Customer Profile (1.0.0)Manage automatic promotions, such as creating, retrieving, or updating promotions