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Syncing consumer profile changes

To sync consumer profile changes from your business into NewStore Omnichannel Cloud, develop an adapter. An adapter serves as an intermediary integration layer that communicates between the NewStore platform and your system.

How to sync consumer profile changes to NewStore

When a consumer profile is created or changed in your system that you want to sync with the NewStore platform, then you must use the Customer Profile API v2.

Your newly developed adapter syncs the consumer profile changes from your system and uses the API endpoints to create or update the customer profile in the platform.

Syncing consumer profile changes from NewStore

When a consumer profile is created or changed in the NewStore platform, an event is triggered in the Event Stream.

Your adapter should subscribe to the Event Stream and trigger the necessary changes on your side.

Important limitations on using the List Customer Profiles method

The purpose for the List customer profiles method is to provide a paginated front-end experience with a search functionality. This method is not not suitable for synchronizing large data sets with your system. Ensure that you understand the following limitations to avoid inconsistencies, missing data, and potential errors:

  • Pagination Limit per Page: The method allows fetching up to 500 profiles per page.

  • Maximum Total Profiles Limit: There is a hard limit of 10,000 profiles that can be fetched via this method.

  • API Behavior Beyond Limit: Attempting to paginate beyond 10,000 profiles will result in errors. The API is not designed to handle requests that exceed this threshold.

  • Not Recommended for Data Sync: Using this method for extracting and synchronizing large datasets with your system is not recommended. Doing so can lead to data inconsistencies and missing information, in particular for newly created or updated consumer profiles.

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