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Enabling gift card balance checks and cashout

When enabled for your business, associates can scan a gift card to:

  • Check the available balance on the gift card
  • Provide a cashout against the gift card to the customer


To enable this feature, you must have these features enabled for your business:

Enabling gift card cashout and balance checks

To enable gift card cashouts and balance checks against gift cards for customers:

  1. Use the Update gift card configuration method.
  2. Set the store_configurations > cash_out_enabled property to true.

Once the feature has been enabled, you can use the List transaction types method to retrieve and verify that non-sale cash management events are available as transactions via the Event Stream. The transaction type (in the transaction_types property) for such gift card cashout events are specified with the value as gift_card_cash_out.

Associate App uses the Gift Card API to activate, deactivate, or check the available balance on a gift card.


For some integrations with gift card providers, the Deactivate Gift Card method may not be supported. In these cases, it may be necessary to map the Deactivate Gift Card method to a Redeem Gift Card or similar API call to complete the gift card cashout process.

sequenceDiagram NewStore ->> Adapter: /gift_card/balance (POST) activate NewStore Adapter ->> Gift Card Provider: Requests gift card balance activate Adapter Gift Card Provider ->> Adapter: Balance Returned deactivate Adapter Adapter ->> NewStore: Sends balance deactivate NewStore activate NewStore NewStore ->> Adapter: /gift_card/deactivate (POST) Adapter ->> Gift Card Provider: Requests gift card deactivation activate Adapter Gift Card Provider ->> Adapter: Gift card deactivated deactivate Adapter Adapter ->> NewStore: Deactivation successful NewStore -->> Event Stream: Sends `gift_card.deactivated` event deactivate NewStore

See Cashing out a gift card to understand how this feature can be used via Associate App. The gift card cashout transactions are also available via Omnichannel Manager reports, see Monitoring cash transactions .

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