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Configuring order routing settings

The way orders are routed for your business depends on a number of settings that are configurable via NewStore.

Customizing the fulfillment configuration

NewStore expects you to communicate your routing configuration requirements as a table, with a combination of fulfillment location priorities and shipping options, for each country and zip code that your business supports. Additionally, also give NewStore a priority for the shipping options that your shipping providers support.

To customize the routing configuration for your business, use the order routing configuration details to update the fulfillment configuration.

For a guide on how to set up the fulfillment configuration for your business, see this tutorial .

Setting the reservation timeout

When an order is placed in the platform, NewStore reserves the items specified in the order for a specified amount of time at a store or DC.

To view the time after which reservations have been set to expire in your business, use the Get reservation timeout method.

To specify when the reservation expires:

  1. Use the Set reservation timeout method.

  2. In the reservation_timeout_seconds property, specify the timeout value in seconds.

    • A reservation can be set for a maximum of 3600 seconds (1 hour).

    • An order is routed only after the grace period ends. To prevent a reservation from expiring before the grace period has ended, ensure that this value is longer than the grace period.

Setting the safety stock

To view the safety stock for all the products across all fulfillment locations in your business, use the Get safety stock method.


(Optional) You can also manage safety stock across locations in your business via NewStore Omnichannel Manager.

To set the safety stock for specific products in a fulfillment location, or for all products in a specified location, use the Set safety stock method.

See this example CSV for more information. You can upload a new or updated CSV file with a maximum size of 10 MB.

After you set the safety stock, NewStore updates the ATP for the specified products, and does not wait for the next stock import to the location.

If a product has stock on hand less than 1, it implies that the ATP for the product is 0. When you set the safety stock for the product, NewStore does not update the ATP and does not immediately use the updated safety stock in the platform. The updated safety stock is used in the NewStore Omnichannel Cloud when the ATP and stock on hand for the product are updated, based on the next:


When setting the safety stock, if the file in the request is larger than 200 KB, you may receive a timeout error. However, the safety stock is still applied and ATP is updated for the specified products. To verify if the safety stock was set correctly, check the safety stock levels for the specified products in NewStore Omnichannel Manager.

To update the safety stock for products in a fulfillment location, use the Set safety stock method again with the updated values. The safety stock data is overwritten.

Setting the grace period

At NewStore, you can set the grace period for a maximum of 3000 seconds.

A grace period set for a specific service level in the fulfillment configuration overrides the value you set for orders. For example, if the grace period is set to 1200 seconds for all orders, and the service level Same day delivery is set to 120 seconds, the grace period for items being shipped with service level Same day delivery is always 120 seconds.

If no grace period is defined for orders or for a service level, a default grace period of 20 seconds is used before an order is routed or processed further.


An in-store purchase order has a fixed grace period of 2 seconds.

For orders with multiple items or a mixed cart order, the shortest grace period applicable for any of the items is applied to the order. For example, if an order has an item being fulfilled from a DC, and another item being purchased in-store, the grace period for the in-store purchase item (which is the shortest) is applied to the order.

To view the grace period configured for orders in your business, use the Get grace period for orders method.

To set the grace period:

  1. Use the Create grace period for orders method.
  2. In the value property, specify the grace period in seconds. The maximum limit for grace period is 3000 seconds (50 minutes).

Enabling order routing features

You following properties to specify order routing features can be configured at NewStore:


When a fulfillment request is rejected at a location or an order conflict is managed <nom-onhold> via NewStore Omnichannel Manager using the Handle Exception button, the order is rerouted immediately. The fulfillment nodes that rejected the fulfillment request are ignored during this reroute.

However, when stock becomes available at the fulfillment locations that rejected the fulfillment request, orders may be automatically routed by NewStore to these fulfillment locations. See the next row.

enable_automatic_reroutingWhen stock becomes available, automatically route orders that are on hold because of insufficient inventory. By default, this is set toFalse. See Automatically routing On Hold orders .

To configure these order routing features, use the following methods:

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