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Configuring distribution centers

Add distribution centers (DC) and configure contact information to be able to route orders, calculate taxes, and generate invoices and return labels.

  • When stock is imported with store_id as null, the DC specified as the location of the stock is automatically created as a fulfillment_node_id in NewStore. Ensure that you know the fulfillment_node_id of the DC before you make any updates to the configuration.
  • NewStore can only be the inventory master for stores in your business, and not DCs.

Configuring DCs

To configure DCs created during a stock import, use the Update DC configuration API. When configuring the DC, in:

  • url, specify the URL for the fulfillment provider at the DC. This is where fulfillment requests for orders will be posted.
  • api_key, specify the api_key that authenticates calls to the URL.

To retrieve the existing configuration of a DC, use the Get DC configuration API.


If the configuration for a DC or store was not working correctly, the integrations needs to be fixed just once. The platform automatically re-sends any fulfillment requests that were unsuccessful before due to the wrong configuration, once a day.

To update the address and contact details of a DC that you have set up for your business, use the Update DC location API.


You cannot specify the operational business hours or the applicable timezone for a DC.

You can now add the DC to the fulfillment configuration to be able to route orders to it.

Enabling or disabling DCs

You can also use an API to enable or disable a DC to manage order fulfillment in your business.

To enable a DC that has been set up for your business, but is not active yet, use the Enable location API.

To disable a DC that is already being used to fulfill orders in your business, use the Disable location API.

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