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Configuring the order detail page

Extended order attributes

You can configure the order detail page to show the extended attributes of the order. Extended attributes are extra attributes added to NewStore Omnichannel Cloud during order injection/placement, typically requested and created by retailers themselves.


There are 2 types of extended attributes:

  • Extended order attributes
  • Extended order item attributes

Currently, only extended order attributes can be displayed on the order detail page. It is not possible to display extended order item attributes. However, the extended order item attributes can be included as part of the export .

Displaying extended attributes

Within the orders in NewStore Omnichannel Manager, the extended order attributes are represented as:

  • Label: A human readable label to be shown in the sidebar of the orders in NewStore Omnichannel Manager.
  • Name: The extended attribute data that is included as part of the export.
  • Display: The way the extended order attribute value is displayed in NewStore Omnichannel Manager.
    • String: Freeform string below the defined label
    • Badge: Badge that is listed if the value is equal to "1". In case the extended order attribute is included but the value is "0" then the badge will not be shown
    • URL: Clickable link, where the link display is the defined label. The URL is appended with ->

There can be multiple extended order and extended order item attributes configured via the Config API.

To view the existing configuration for extended order attributes in your business, use the List extended order attributes method.

To display extended attributes in NewStore Omnichannel Manager:

  1. Use the Create extended order attributes method.

  2. In value > order_extended_attributes property:

    • Add a value for the display property.

    • Add a value for the label property.

    • Add a value for the name property.

    Refer to the description of each field here for more information.

NewStore Omnichannel Manager includes the extended attributes as part of the order detail page, if the information has been provided during order placement or injection.

Configuring order ID sequence parameters

When setting up your business for the first time, configure the order ID sequence parameters to enable IDs to be assigned to orders in NewStore Omnichannel Cloud.


Ensure that you specify the correct values for the sequence parameters. Once set, do not change these values.

To view the existing configuration for extended order attributes in your business, use the Get order ID sequence parameters method.

To configure the sequence parameters:

  1. Use the Set order ID sequence parameters method.

  2. In the value property, add a value for the following properties:

    • prefix: A prefix for the order IDs.
    • size: Size of the order IDs.
    • start: Starting index for the order IDs.
    • step: A counter that determines the next increment in the order IDs.

NewStore ensures that each new order ID is incremented and greater than the previous one, and the difference between consequent IDs is always greater than or equal to the value you have configured in the step property.

During some instances, there can be an unusual increment of the order ID, such as long periods of no order placement activity, during a technical maintenance phase of the order database or when fixing errors during order placement in the platform.

Allowing DC-fulfilled order cancelation

NewStore Omnichannel Manager can be configured to allow orders to be canceled when they are fulfilled from a DC. See Canceling an order .


Unless specified by the retailer using this configuration, all orders routed to stores for fulfillment can be canceled.

To configure DC-fulfilled order cancelation, use the Set locations from which orders can be canceled method and add store and/or dc to allow cancelation from both type of locations.

To view which locations have been configured in your business to allow cancelation of orders, use the List locations from which orders can be canceled method.

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