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Configuring automatic shipping cost refunds

When all items of an order are returned, the shipping cost for the order is automatically refunded to the customer. The refund is processed when the last item from the order is returned. Shipping options are not considered when calculating the shipping cost refunds for an order.


The shipping costs are refunded only when all items are returned. The refund is not processed if some items in the order are returned and the rest are canceled.


When shipping costs are refunded, they are indicated in the NewStore platform as returned line items with the type specified as shipping. These line items cannot be mapped to the actual product items that were returned as part of the order.

Before enabling automatic shipping cost refunds, ensure that your current integration can manage such refunds when enabled. Check your integration in a test environment after enabling the feature, before going live. For more information, see the BPM documentation <>.

If enabled, this feature applies globally for a retailer, and cannot be configured for a specific country or region.

You can configure templates in your business to display the shipping cost refunds in the return receipts and refund notes for the order. To verify if your template contains shipping cost refunds, see the integration guide .

To enable refunds of shipping costs for the retailer:

  1. Use the Update item return config or Replace item return config method.
  2. Specify refund_shipping_cost to true.

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