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Configuring Square as a payment provider

NewStore partners with Square as the payment service provider (PSP). Square is the payment provider for retailers with stores in Japan, where Adyen does not yet support in-store payments.

To set up Square with NewStore, see the integration guide .

Setting up Square credentials

Setting up NewStore to connect with Square

To configure Square and add related values in NewStore for the PSP:

  1. Retrieve the current Square configuration using the Get PSP Square configuration method.

  2. Specify the following value in api:

    Feature/PropertyConfiguration setting
    base_urlThe URL for the Square PSP API:
  3. Add an item to the list for each NewStore store that will support Square payments in store_mapping:

    Feature/PropertyConfiguration setting
    location_idThe location ID provided by the retailer.
    store_idThe NewStore store ID.
  4. Apply the updated configuration using the Update PSP Square configuration method.

Activating the Square integration

  1. Retrieve the current provider configuration using the Get FAT PSP configuration method.

  2. Add a square item with the following values to the internal_providers property:

    Feature/PropertyConfiguration setting
    endpointSpecify /psp_square.PSPSquare/Execute.
    protocolSpecify grpc.
  3. Add Square as a payment option to specific stores, where Square POS will be used to accept card and wallet payments. For more information, see Configuring payment options .

  4. Use the Update FAT PSP configuration method to apply the updated configuration.

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