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Customer lifecycle BPM

The lifecycle of the customer entity is represented by the diagram below using the BPMN notation .

This diagram refers to events that are emitted as part of the event stream. See the entity model and the webhook.

Click here to download the BPMN image

Customer creation

A customer is created manually using NewStore Associate App or via the checkout process when they provide their email address. See Managing customers The customer.created event is emitted.

Customer modification

Once a customer is created, it can be modified in NewStore Omnichannel Manager, see Editing customer details :

  • Updating the customer information, such as their name, triggers the customer.updated event.
  • Updating the address triggers the customer.address_updated event.
  • Adding an address, for shipping or billing, triggers the customer.address_created event.
  • Deleting an address triggers the customer.address_deleted event.

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