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Omnichannel Manager

NewStore Omnichannel Manager is a web application that allows administrators, store managers, and customer service representatives to access information about orders and product inventory and perform administrative tasks.


NewStore Omnichannel Manager is available in English and French. It uses the language used by your browser. To change the language, refer to the documentation of your browser.

    If your business has enabled logging into NewStore Omnichannel Manager with your existing corporate credentials, use them to log into the app. Otherwise, use your assigned NewStore credentials.
    Use NewStore Omnichannel Manager to set up and manage your business configuration. This includes creating and managing store employees, customer notifications, reason codes, clienteling operations, and managing shipments for orders.
    NewStore uses customizable document templates to generate digital or print communication for customers during order placement, checkout, shipping, and processing. To generate templates, you can either use the Templates Editor in NewStore Omnichannel Manager, or create templates programmatically via an API.
    Insights help you monitor data from different aspects of your business, to easily track sales, and drive retail operations with flexible customizable reports.
    Monitor orders and ensure that an order is taken through to completion.
    NewStore Omnichannel Manager allows you to manage your customers. All customers that an associate sees in NewStore Associate App are also displayed in NewStore Omnichannel Manager.
    Based on inventory transactions such as receiving inventory, transfers, adjustments, or customer returns, NewStore updates the ATP for such items in the store. The products and product information such as the name, category, color, size and associated images displayed in NewStore Omnichannel Manager are imported from your Product Information Management system.
    View store locations, export a daily report for a specific location, enable or disable stores for order fulfillment.
    Create and manage coupons, discounts, and automatic promotions.
Store Operations
    Store operations include information about inventory, cash management, and fiscal reports for stores operated in countries where fiscal regulations apply.
Technical Support
    You can submit a request to address any technical issues with NewStore products.