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Employee lifecycle BPM

The lifecycle of the employee entity in the NewStore platform is represented by the diagram below using the

BPMN notation .

This diagram refers to events that are emitted as part of the event stream. See the entity model and the webhook.

Click here to download the BPMN image

Employee creation

An employee or associate is created in the NewStore platform manually via NewStore Omnichannel Manager, when an administrator in your business

creates a user and assigns roles and permissions. See Managing users and roles .

The employee.created event is emitted.


The event payload does not contain the roles and permissions assigned to the employee or associate. To verify which roles or permissions have been assigned to the associate, see Managing users and roles

Employee modification

Once an employee is created, details associated with the employee can be modified via NewStore Omnichannel Manager. See Managing users and roles . You can:

  • Deactivate or delete employee accounts.
  • Assign roles or permissions via NewStore Omnichannel Manager for access to NewStore apps. See Default roles and permissions .

When details associated with an employee is updated, the employee.updated event is emitted.

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