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Payment lifecycle BPM

The payment lifecycle is connected to the order lifecycle in NewStore, and relies on concepts such as order fulfillment. The payment lifecycle is represented by the diagrams below using the

BPMN notation .

Payment concepts are described in detail in the Business process section.

For more information on the order lifecycle, see Order lifecycle BPM .

The diagrams in the following sections refer to events that are emitted part of the event stream. See the entity model and the webhook.

If there are issues during the payment capture or refund process, an associate can try to fix them using NewStore Omnichannel Manager.

Processing the payment authorization

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When the order has been fulfilled or canceled, the payment workflow is initiated. When an order is successfully fulfilled , the fulfillment_request.items_completed event is emitted and the order moves into the payment authorization phase.

The authorization of the payment depends on the mode of payment. Pre-captured payments are considered by NewStore as authorized.

Payment for an order at NewStore can be done via the following methods:

  • Cash: An associate receives cash payment in the store from the customer and marks the payment process as completed in NewStore Associate App.
  • Credit card: When the customer pays for an order using a credit card, NewStore authorizes the payment. The authorization process is marked as completed in the platform. This includes credit card payments made through NewStore Checkout .
  • Gift card: A customer can also pay for an order by redeeming a gift card. The payment is captured and authorized in the platform. See Integrating a gift card provider .

Once the payment authorization is processed in NewStore Omnichannel Cloud, the payment_account.amount_authorized event is emitted.

Capturing the payment

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After the payment is authorized, the payment capture phase starts.

Once the payment is captured in NewStore Omnichannel Cloud via a

financial instrument , the `payment_account.amount_captured` event is emitted. When the payment is successfully captured, the order lifecycle in the platform is completed.

NewStore supports integrating with multiple payment providers and payment methods. For more information, see About payments .

Refunding the payment or revoking authorization

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When an order is canceled and the payment has not yet been captured in the platform, NewStore voids the authorization of the payment. The payment_account.amount_voided event is emitted, and the voided amount is released to the customer's credit line account.

The payment is refunded to the customer if the amount has been captured in the platform and:

  • Items in an order or the whole order is canceled.
  • A customer returns items from an order.

The payment_account.amount_refunded event is emitted. When the refunds are for blind returns that originate from an

external order management system , an external order ID is added to the `payment_account.amount_refunded` event.

An associate can also manually refund an order using NewStore Omnichannel Manager. See Refunding orders or items in an order .

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