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About cash management

Cash management ensures that cash in the store is properly tracked and secured. NewStore's cash management has several components:

Store level cash management activation

Store cash management settings are set for individual stores. This allows retailers to roll out cash management to individual stores when they are ready.

Daily store opening and closing procedure

When cash management is active, daily open for the drawer is required before cash transactions can take place. NewStore Associate App guides the user through the daily open and close procedures. Drawer open timestamp, beginning of day balance, end of the day count, variance, and drawer close time stamp are recorded in NewStore Omnichannel Cloud.

Cash tracking

When cash management is active, all cash transactions processed through NewStore Associate App, including sales, non-sales, and cash counting transactions are tracked to a specific drawer including information such as transaction, amount, associate, date, and time-stamp.

Cash summary

The cash summary displays the drawer open float, timestamp, and real-time totals for the cash drawer including sales, returns, variances totals, drawer status, drawer close balance and timestamp, and the deposit total amount.

Store managers and associates can display the cash summary in NewStore Associate App to use it as part of the store closing procedure. In NewStore Omnichannel Manager, cash summaries from all stores are available in real-time.

See Displaying cash summary and Managing store operations .

Cash rounding

In countries where cash rounding is required for compliance, Associate App can round off order total amounts automatically. See Setting up cash rounding .

Integrated cash drawer

When a cash drawer is integrated, the cash drawer is triggered to open automatically via the cash transactions in NewStore Associate App. As a retailer, you can choose whether or not to use an integrated cash drawer. See the supported cash drawers .

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