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About running loyalty programs with NewStore

Why loyalty programs

Retailers run loyalty programs to motivate customers to keep buying with their brands and create rich customer insights.

By participating in loyalty programs, loyal customers are rewarded with discounts, access to products and services that are free or exclusive, and more benefits.

More specifically, retailers who run loyalty programs can grow Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by:

  • Increasing customer purchase frequency using rewards to drive customers to stores and digital channels
  • Improving customer retention by extending the lifetime period, or reduce churn
  • Increasing average order value through incentivizing rewards

Moreover, retailers can use loyalty data to analyze consumer data such as:

  • Engagement channels (incl. location)
  • Purchase behavior (frequency, spend, channels)
  • Non-purchase engagement (writing reviews, surveys, events)
  • Demographics
  • …and more

Retailers analyze consumer data to segment customers, and tailor marketing efforts towards an improved and personalized consumer experience. Rich consumer insights and brand loyalty enable retailers to differentiate in competitive markets.

Loyalty and omnichannel

Loyalty campaigns across online and offline channels allow maximum flexibility and convenience for the consumer. Omnichannel loyalty enables the integration of all consumer engagements and purchases into one streamlined brand experience. At the same time, consumer data becomes more complete across channels and serves as a continuous learning foundation that improves selling effectiveness.

Running loyalty programs with NewStore

NewStore’s Omnichannel Platform provides a seamless Omnichannel loyalty experience for retail businesses and associates in your stores.

We offer running existing and future loyalty programs using integrations with the retailer’s preferred loyalty provider.

In cases where retailers don’t have a loyalty provider yet, we support them in finding the right partner for their individual business needs, geographic location(s), size of their business, and existing technology ecosystem.

Integrations in the past have included partnering with Clutch, Yotpo, Adobe Campaign, and Crowdtwist, which were customized to meet the needs of each retailer requesting.

Use cases

Loyalty integration allows retailers to run a loyalty program in their stores where associates will be able to:

  1. Onboard customers to their loyalty program
  2. Look up loyalty customers to view details such as points collected, tier and available rewards
  3. Assign loyalty points for purchase transactions
  4. Redeem loyalty rewards in the form of discounts
  5. Reconcile loyalty points and rewards in cases of returns or exchanges

For more detailed information on how the use cases work, see these sample workflows .

Prerequisites and limitations

  • The loyalty provider is the source of truth for all loyalty related data.
  • All business logic around loyalty status level, points, and rewards are managed by the loyalty program and your business.
  • The loyalty program issues a unique loyalty ID for each customer onboarded to the loyalty program. This ID is used within the platform to identify the customer for loyalty rewards purposes.
  • Loyalty rewards cannot be redeemed in NewStore as a payment option.

For more information on how to set up a loyalty program integration with Newstore, see Setting up a loyalty rewards system with NewStore .

Cost of integration

Platform fees will not increase if retailers already offer a loyalty membership program and choose to integrate it with NewStore by themselves.

It is the responsibility of the retailer to build, maintain and support the integration between the loyalty solution and the NewStore platform. The loyalty partner will charge the retailer. For example, with subscription or license fees, implementation or setup fees, support or maintenance costs, and cost to upgrade to new versions of the integration.


Investing in an omnichannel loyalty program with NewStore creates opportunities to increase brand loyalty, customer lifetime value and customer insights, while optimizing and streamlining consumer experience.

We offer running existing and future loyalty programs using integrations with the retailer’s preferred loyalty provider. NewStore supports retailers' existing loyalty partners and helps those who still need to find the right one to fit their business needs best.

A quick onboarding will allow them to leverage the power of Omnichannel loyalty from day one.

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