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Item Return API (0.2)

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Create return

Initiates the return process for item(s) in an order.

Imports a historical return into NewStore when is_historical is set to true.

NewStore creates condition codes for your business.

To retrieve the list of condition codes configured for your business, contact the support team.

The refund amount is calculated by the platform, and cannot be provided in the payload:

  • NewStore calculates the refund amount for each returned order line considering any pre-existing appeasements.

  • If the config property refund_shipping_cost is set to True and all items in the order are returned, the amount refunded includes the sum of the item prices and the shipping costs.

  • If the config property refund_shipping_cost is not set, or set to False, the sum of the item prices is refunded. Shipping costs are not included in this amount, and not refunded.

  • If the config property return_fee is set, the amount refunded will have the return fee deducted from it.

  • If the return_fee field is set in the return payload, the default tenant configuration return_fee is ignored.

  • If multiple items with same product ID are provided, the item with minimum amount left will be refunded first. Example:


    An order is placed with multiple items of the same product IDs but different amounts left to be refunded.

    Product ID Price paid Remaining amount Notes
    Product 1 $300 $250 $50 were appeased
    Product 1 $300 $275 $25 were appeased
    Product 1 $300 $300 No existing refunds
    Product 2 $400 $400 No existing refunds
    Total $1300 $1225


    A return is created for Product 1, Product 1 and Product 2.

    Product ID Refunded amount Notes
    Product 1 $250 Item with product ID Product 1 and lowest price
    Product 1 $275 Item with product ID Product 1 and second lowest price
    Product 2 $400
    Total refund amount $925
path Parameters

The identifier for the order.

Request Body schema: application/json

Set to true, if the return is historical, i.e. it was processed by an external system.

string or null <date-time>

The time when the item was returned. If this property is not set in the request, it is set to the current time.

string non-empty

The fulfillment_node_id of the location to which the item was returned.

number or null >= 0

The fee for the return. If this property is set, the tenant configuration return_fee is ignored.

Array of objects non-empty
Array of objects <= 100 items

This is a list of read-only objects that can be used to display additional information.


Request samples

Content type
  • "items": [
  • "returned_from": "27a39710-4b2d-43fd-b636-5f7aed3073a2"

Response samples

Content type
  • "refunded_amount": 775.19,
  • "return_id": "1fc4d366-40ca-4e36-b38f-66393bda517a",
  • "returned_from": "27a39710-4b2d-43fd-b636-5f7aed3073a2",
  • "currency": "USD",
  • "return_items": [