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Using serialized inventory

You can use external identifiers such as a serial number in NewStore Associate App to track products through the order lifecycle, such as during in-store purchase or order fulfillment in NewStore.

If enabled for your business, associates can use NewStore Associate App to scan the serial number of a product during checkout as well as at the picking stage during order fulfillment.


NewStore Associate App allows associates to add a serial number to products that are only available for in-store purchase. If the item is to be shipped to the customer, NewStore Associate App does not prompt the associate to add a serial number during checkout.

For more information on how serial numbers are added during checkout in NewStore Associate App, see Adding an in-store item .

Configuring serialized inventory

To configure serialized inventory in the NewStore platform, specify that products in your business have serial numbers when importing product data into the platform.

In the import payload, set serialized_inventory to true for the serialized inventory items that you want to import. For more information on importing data, see the Importing data or the tutorial .

Adding serial numbers in NewStore Associate App

If products in your business have serial numbers, you also have to ensure that NewStore Associate App is enabled to scan these serial numbers and add them to the products during checkout in the app.


Setting up serial numbers in NewStore Associate App is optional. If this configuration is not set up, NewStore Associate App does not validate serial numbers while scanning products or when an associate adds them manually in the app.

To enable this configuration:

  1. Use the Update app configuration method.

  2. In capabilities > serialized_inventory > serial_number_regex, specify the type and format of serial numbers that can be scanned by the app.

    For example, you can specify that serial numbers in your business will be a string of 14 numerical characters, such as ^[A-Z0-9]{14}$.

  3. Validate that NewStore Associate App can scan product serial numbers correctly by scanning a sample serial number from available inventory in the store.

  • NewStore Associate App cannot identify an item by scanning only the serial number. Scan the SKU or barcode before you add the serial number for the item during checkout.
  • Serial numbers are not tracked once the products have been routed for fulfillment or shipped.