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Fiscal regulations in India

For stores operating in India, NewStore provides following functionalities to comply with local receipt requirements:

  • Consecutive receipt numbers via e-journal transaction sequencing
  • Splitting of an exchange into separate e-journal transactions for sale and return

Fiscal activations

In stores operating in India, a store must be fiscally activated before orders can be created via NewStore Associate app.


A store must be already created within the NewStore platform before it can be fiscally activated. For more details, see Creating a store .

Fiscal activation will be performed automatically with the first in-store transaction, or manually via Omnichannel Manager.

Automatic fiscal activations

A store will be activated automatically with the first in-store transaction. Automatic activation will activate a fiscal cashbox by using the default fiscal activation information, with the following values:

  • Receipt Number Prefix: Empty

Manual fiscal activations

The prefix of the consecutive receipt numbers can be configured with the manual fiscal activations.

To fiscally activate a store manually, a fiscal cashbox can be activated within the NewStore platform via Omnichannel Manager. For more details, see Activating fiscal cashboxes .

Receipts for stores

Based on regulations that apply to stores operating in India, these additional features must be included in the receipts:

  • All receipts must have a consecutive receipt number, in one or multiple series.
  • The organization's name, address and GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax identification number) must be displayed in the header of the receipt.
  • HSN code of goods or the Services Accounting Code (SAC) must be displayed for each item.
  • For items exchanged by the customer, separate sales and return receipts with unique receipt numbers must be generated.
  • All receipts must have a breakdown of taxes, payment method(s), date/time of the transaction in India timezone (IST).

To modify the receipt templates for India, see Customizing a template .


NewStore platform provides fiscal transaction information that is required to be printed in fiscal receipts. It is responsibility of the retailer to ensure compliance of the receipt templates with the local fiscal regulations.