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Fiscal regulations in Ireland

Retailers can operate on the NewStore platform in Ireland in compliance with the Irish tax authority, Irish Tax and Customs.

Fiscal activations

In stores operating in Ireland, a store must be fiscally activated before orders can be created via NewStore Associate app.


A store must be already created within the NewStore platform before it can be fiscally activated. For more details, see Creating a store .

To fiscally activate a store, a fiscal cashbox can be activated within the NewStore platform via Omnichannel Manager. For more details, see Activating fiscal cashboxes .

Following information is required to fiscally activate a store in Ireland:

  • Company Number - Company Registration Number (CRO) number issued by the CRO.
  • VAT Number - The VAT identification number of the legal entity.
  • Legal Entity Name - Legal entity name in Ireland.
  • Legal Entity Address - Address of the legal entity in Ireland.

Fiscal cashbox deactivation

When a store is no longer operational within the NewStore platform the fiscal cashbox within the NewStore platform must be deactivated.

To request the deactivation of a fiscal cashbox within the NewStore platform, contact the support team.

Receipts for stores

Based on fiscal regulations that apply to stores operating in Ireland, these additional features must be included in the receipts:

  • All receipts must have a sequential transaction number, VAT number, date/time of the transaction in Irish timezone, and transaction type. To modify the fiscal signature template for Ireland, see Customizing a template .
  • The organization number or company identifier number of the retailer must be displayed in the header of the receipt.
  • To ensure the data is not modified, a chain signature QR code containing all of the above information is added to the receipt.

NewStore platform provides fiscal transaction information that is required to be printed in fiscal receipts. It is responsibility of the retailer to ensure compliance of the receipt templates with the local fiscal regulations.

Fiscal reports

For stores operating in Ireland, NewStore provides the following operational and sales reports via NewStore Omnichannel Manager for audit purposes:

  • Daily X & Z reports
  • E-journal export

For more information, see Viewing fiscal reports .

Fiscal audits

Fiscal audits are not pre-announced and can be conducted by the tax authorities at any given time at the store.

During an audit, auditors may check:

  • Legal documents related to fiscal regulations in the store.
  • Fiscal reports/exports

NewStore provides operational and sales reports via NewStore Omnichannel Manager for audit purposes. For more information about the fiscal reports in Ireland, see Fiscal reports .