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Shipping option reports

This tool allows technical users to access detailed information about the shipping options retrieval process. You can view technical details on requests, configurations, and interactions with shipping adapters and customizations. You can see how configuration options influence the routing option generation process. Based on that information you can identify and debug potential issues with shipping providers and the overall process.

Required user permissions

To access this page, the user needs have the View tools permission.

Viewing the report

To access Shipping Option Reports:

  1. Navigate to Tools - Shipping Option Reports on Omnichannel Manager.
  2. Select one of the reports and then you can explore five different views, each serving a specific purpose.
  3. The views available include:
    • Show Routes View: Routing options and results of adapter calls. It helps identify which fulfillment node and service level were assigned to each routing option, along with the result of the provider call.
    • Show All Errors View: Errors that occurred during the routing process. Not all of these errors are critical.
    • Show Option Results View: An overview about each process, including the configuration used, adapter inputs, and outputs.
    • Show Shipping Adapter Calls View: All calls made to shipping providers, including the request and response details.
    • Show Timeline View: Technical details about all processes timeline events. This view shows the raw events happened in the system, useful for technical partners to debug issues.

Example use cases

The following are examples when the report can help you:

  1. Routing Analysis: In Show Routes View, you can identify which fulfillment node and service level are assigned to each routing option, helping you optimize delivery times and costs.
  2. Debugging: The Show Timeline View provides technical partners with granular information on system events, facilitating root cause analysis of issues.


Consider the followings when looking at the reports:

  • Non-critical errors: Remember, not all errors listed in the Show All Errors View are critical. Ensure to differentiate between them.
  • Understanding configurations: Make sure you fully understand the configurations applied to each report to know how they impact the shipping options process.