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Simulating promotions in a cart

Permission required
This action can be performed by users with the Manage discounts permission.

You can simulate how promotions and coupons or coupon codes will be applied to a cart in Associate App. The Promotions Simulator in Omnichannel Manager enables you to experiment with and validate promotions and coupons set up for your business. You can check if these promotions will work in real-world situations when they are applied to a cart in the app.

The Promotions Simulator is aimed at reducing the errors and problems with promotions or discount coupons during checkout transactions when live.

Simulating promotions with an example

To simulate promotions:

  1. Go to Promotions > Cart Simulator.

  2. In the Promotions Simulator screen that appears:

    1. In the Add Products area, select the catalog and the pricebook currency from the drop-down menu.

      Search for the product that you want to apply the promotion to, and click it to add it to the Cart Simulator screen on the right.

    2. In the Coupon codes area, specify the coupon code for the coupon that should be applied to the products added to the cart.


      You can choose to not specify a coupon code to test out automatic promotions or promotions that do not depend on coupons.

    3. (Optional) In the Add a customer area, specify the ID of a customer who will be assigned to the cart.

    4. (Optional) In the Select a store area, specify the ID of a store where the cart will be created.

  3. Click Apply discounts.

    The discounts from the coupon code specified are now applied to the products in the cart.

    If there are automatic promotions applicable for the products you have added, they are also simultaneously applied to these products.

    Any coupon codes that are invalid or inactive are not applied. A relevant error message is displayed in the Cart Simulator screen, along with a Discount forbidden flag. Change or update the coupon code to fix the simulation.

See the following example of how the promotions simulator works in Omnichannel Manager:

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